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Item is a photograph of a baby lying in her mosquito net. Traditional toys appear

Group portrait of men, women, and children

Many women and children wearing native clothing stand outside. Men in native clothing sit on horseback, scattered among them. A man in western clothing stands in front of the crowd.

Fred Ryckman

Boys Posing Outdoors

Item is a negative showing children wearing light coloured hats and holding light coloured flags posing in front of a building. Behind them appear older men without the hats or flags.

Portrait of girl and boy

Image is a posed portrait of a seated older girl and younger boy standing on a footstool holding hands. The girl and boy are dressed formally. It appears to be an albumen print on a carte de visite. Photographer information printed on verso with the inscription "S. A. Spencer, FORT STREET, Victoria, B. C." A handwritten inscription reads "[illegible] Reid + boy"

Mrs. Hamilton and Child

Item is an image of a woman standing by a baby stroller wit a baby at the entrance of a house. According to annotations, photograph was taken at Norway House, Manitoba

Woman and Two Girls

Item is an image of a woman and two girls by a house. The woman and one of the girls are standing, the other girl is sitting. The porch and the girl standing seem to be the same from item a032700_1

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