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Reverend Thomas Crosby fonds
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Nanaimo woman, B. C.

Image is a posed portrait of a woman viewed from the waist up. Handwritten inscription on verso reads "Nanaimo Woman B. C."

[Indian woman with harvest bowl, Fraser River, B. C.]

Image is alternate view of a039312. Image is a posed portrait of a seated woman in a shawl holding a pan that appears to be full of some kind of grain. The woman wears what appears to be a woven willow clam basket on her back for harvesting shellfish. Handwritten inscription on the verso reads "Indian woman Frasher river B. C."

[Portrait of couple]

Image is a portrait of a man and woman seated together. The man and woman appear to be dressed in formalwear for the purposes of the portrait.

Patagonian man

Image consists of a man on horseback holding a coiled rope. In the background are buildings. The man appears to be of the Tehuelche people indigenous to Patagonia. Printed on the verso is the photographer information with the inscription "PHOTOGRAPHIE VON J. M. JACOBSEN ST. PAULI Hackhell's Passage 2te Bernhardstrasse 25 HAMBURG Gesetzlich deponirt. Brevete (S. G. D. G.) Registered." Around the border of the verso is printed " Neuer Pferdemarkt 13. KARL HAGENBECK'S THIERPARK HAMBURG". Handwritten inscription in pencil reads "Patagonian Man".

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