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Ronnie Tessler fonds
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Image is of Norman, Mercy, and Sadie standing in front of canoe log, post-ceremony. Sadie holds a bag and begins to leave. Ron and Isaac watch from a slight distance.

[Norman and Mercy greet guests post-ceremony]

Image is of Norman and Mercy greeting guests in front of canoe log, post-ceremony. Norman converses with Sadie. Mercy hugs unidentified person while holding a carving and umbrella. Ron watches from a slight distance.


Image is of Isaac holding a tool while standing in front of cut section of canoe log. Unidentified children approach to retrieve fallen pieces of cedar bark.

[Norman and guests with refreshments]

Image is of Norman, Sadie, and unidentified persons getting refreshments from table outside mortuary house. Part of museum exterior can be seen in background.

[Norman speaks with guests]

Image is of Norman and unidentified guests consuming refreshments and conversing. Part of museum and mortuary house exteriors can be seen in background.

[Guests with refreshments]

Image is of unidentified person and Sadie standing near mortuary house while consuming refreshments and conversing.

[Inside carving hut]

Image is of Tait family members consuming refreshments and packing up belongings in carving hut. Skin drums and tools are visible on side table.


Image is of an adze placed on a table in carving hut.

[Stripping bark]

Image is of Chip, unidentified person, and Isaac beginning to strip cedar bark from the canoe log.

[Stripping bark]

Image is of Norman, Chip, and Ron deliberating. A group of unidentified children can be seen in the background.

[Isaac holds adze]

Image is of Isaac holding an adze while standing near canoe log. Several tools and adze rest on dunnage near initial cuts to log.

[Child retrieves pieces of bark]

Image is of unidentified child bending down to retrieve pieces of cut/fallen cedar bark. Ron, Chip, and Isaac stand on other side of canoe log, conversing near longhouse.

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