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Japan Regalia
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People standing in bamboo grove

Item is a photograph of an elderly couple in the foreground and three people in the background. All are wearing traditional clothing and are standing in a bamboo grove

Boys flying kites

Item is a photograph of several boys wearing traditional clothing flying kites. A western-style building appears in the background. Reads, "BOYS PLAYING KITES."

City street scene

Item is a photograph of a city street scene. Several people wearing traditional clothing and rickshaws appear. Notes read, "Osaka" but not indicated on plate.

Girl in garden

Item is a photograph showing a girl standing in a garden. She is wearing ceremonial dress

A woman in kago and two kago carriers

Item is a photograph showing a woman in a kago (litter, palanquin) and two male kago carriers taking a rest to smoke. A woman holding a fan wearing kimono sits on a cushion in a kago.

Kusakabe Kimbei (日下部金兵衛)

Woman on terrace

Item is a photograph of a woman wearing traditional clothing standing on a terrace surrounded by wisteria

Large bell

Item is a photograph of a large bell. A figure wearing traditional clothing appears

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