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Kersti Krug fonds
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Kersti Krug fonds

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  • 1990 - 2001

The fonds reflects Kersti Krug’s work on several major projects relating to organizational change and development at the University of British Columbia's Museum of Anthropology (MOA). Records created during Krug’s period as Director of Communications relate predominantly to surveys and studies conducted with members of, and visitors to, the Museum. Records Krug created in her capacity as co-director of MOA’s Certificate in Museum Studies Program illustrate the development of the program and its curriculum, and also its cancellation. As Manager of Research and Evaluation, Krug was involved in the initial stages of the MOA building expansion; records she produced during this period illustrate her consultative approach to assessing MOA’s space needs and her solicitation of proposals from architectural firms.

Records produced during these activities include proposals, questionnaires, interview transcriptions, data sets, graphs and charts, notes, drafts, and reports, draft curricula, copies of email correspondence, syllabi, research materials, and brochures.

The fonds has been arranged into the series:

A) Certificate in Museum Studies Program
B) MOA Space Needs and Development Options
C) Visitor Studies and Surveys
D) Vision/ Mission Statement
E) Galleries and Exhibitions.

Kersti Krug

Certificate in Museum Studies Program

This series consists of records relating to the development and administration of MOA’s Certificate in Museum Studies Program, which ran for a single season in 1997. Materials produced during the early stages of conceptualization and development date from the early 1990s, and include funding applications for a study on other museum studies programs, the results of this survey, other research materials, and multiple drafts of a report arguing for the need for a Museum Studies program at MOA. The majority of the records, dating from the mid- to late-nineties, document the administration of the program and the collaborative process of curriculum development. Materials include grant applications, program proposals, brochures, schedules of tasks and progress reports, agendas, curricula drafts and MOA staff comments on these drafts. Later records include final copies of syllabi and other teaching materials and evaluative reports on the 1997 program. Finally, the series also provides documentation of the decision to cancel the program in 1999.

Kersti Krug

MOA Space Needs and Development Options Reporting process

This series documents the process choosing a contractor to complete a functional needs analysis and feasibility study of MOA’s space needs and subsequently of soliciting proposals for a detailed study of museum space needs and development options. The series contains drafts and copies of the initial call for expressions of interest for a functional needs analysis and includes the Preliminary Functional Needs Analysis report produced by LORD Cultural Resource Planning and Management, Inc. Other records were produced during the process of soliciting statements of interest for a study of museum space needs and development options. These records demonstrate the consultative approach used to rank the proposals received in response and also document the ongoing process of defining MOA’s space needs. Materials produced during these activities include proposals, correspondence, charts, correspondence, reports, notes, and tables. The series also includes minutes from several committees the activities of which relate to special planning. These include the minutes of the Cliff Erosion Committee and the minutes from 1990-1991 of the Visible Storage Committee.

Kersti Krug

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