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Canada Villages
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Totem poles in front of buildings

Image depicts several wooden structures with totem poles erected in front. Read's diary suggests that this photo may have been taken in the Kispiox Village near Hazelton, BC. and the prominent pole in the foreground may be known as Half-Way Out.

H.B.C. Post, Rigoulette

Item is an image of a village along the coast. According to annotations, the photograph is of the Hudson Bay Company post in Rigolet, Newfoundland and Labrador

Coastal Village

Item is an image of a coastal village. Because of its location in the album, item might be a different view of Port Essington.

Port Essington

Item is an image of a coastal village with mountains in the background. According to annotations, photograph is of Port Essington and was taken by Mr. Wootton.

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