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Fred Ryckman British Columbia Inglês
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Group portrait of men in native clothing, view three

Five men dressed in native clothing stand facing the camera. The roof of some kind of structure and the poles from some tipis are visible behind the men. A younger man or boy peeks out from behind the line of older men.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of a man and trophy

A smiling man faces the camera with his hands touching a trophy. He wears western clothing, as do the two partially visible men on either side of him. They are posed in front of a wooden wall.

Fred Ryckman

Group portrait of men on horseback with man and woman

A row of men in native clothing sit astride horses in the background. Two other men, also in native clothing sit on horseback in front of the others. The two are interacting with a woman in western clothing who faces away from the camera. A man in western clothing faces the camera as well.

Fred Ryckman

View of four men on horseback

Four men in native clothing sit astride horses and appear to be in motion, moving toward the left side of the copy print. Other horses are visible in the background.

Fred Ryckman

View of government building

View of a government building displaying both the Canadian and British Columbia flags. People on horseback are visible copy right; other people are visible copy left. Mountains and trees can be seen in the background.

Fred Ryckman

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