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Tibetian dancing, side view

Image depicts several individuals dressed in regalia dancing what may be the Black Hat dance. Also visible on the left side of the print are several seated men wearing what may be Buddhist monk's robes. This dance is taking place outside a large building that may be a monastery or temple.

Indian Professional Dancers

View of Indian professional dancers performing the Swan Dance in their Community Hall. Alert Bay, Cormorant Island, British Columbia. Photo by Eric J. Cooke Photo Productions, Sidney, B. C.

Squirrel Dance

Image is of Josiah and Mercy watching Norman perform his squirrel dance on top of the canoe log.

Squirrel Dance

Image is of Tait family members wearing button blankets and beating skin drums while Norman performs his squirrel dance on top of the canoe log.

Dancers in field

Image of a group of dancers in a field, with a crowd gathered behind them watching. There appears to be about six dancers.

Anthony Carter

Dancer in front of set

A costumed dancer dances in a green fabric circle with a red border in front of a colorful fabric set piece with pictures of three faces during a performance of a piece by Evelyn Roth

Evelyn Roth performers in Great Hall

A performer in a costume and wig is surrounded by other performers holding blue pieces of fabric with holes cut out and depicting yellow flowers. A large set piece made of different shades of yellow, orange and pink fabric is in the background.

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