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Anthony Carter Carving Inglés
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Alert Bay [unidentified pole]

Image of an unidentified totem pole featuring two creatures - a winged animal on top and what appears to be a human figure with raised arms on the bottom.

Anthony Carter

Totem pole, Alert Bay (?)

Image of an unidentified totem pole in Alert Bay. A cross stands in the ground next to the pole, possibly indicating that this is a gravesite or graveyard.

Anthony Carter

St. Michael's Indian Residential School, Alert Bay

Image of a St. Michael's Indian Residential School in Alert Bay. A similar image is printed on page 35 of Carter's book "From History's Locker," with the caption: "Two fine old carved columns stand guard in front of the school."

Anthony Carter

Totem poles

Image of two totem poles and a wooden structure located at the foot of a hillside. These are possibly located at the Ehahsitaht Village site.

Anthony Carter

[Bear pole, Kitwancool]

Image of a bear pole in Kitwancool, BC. This pole is pictured on page 119 of Carter's book Abundant Rivers.

Anthony Carter

"Nass River"

Image of totem poles, canoes, and longhouses(?) in the Nass River valley of BC.

Anthony Carter

Miscellaneous totem pole images

File consists of images of totem poles and other carvings, some of which were taken at the University of British Columbia. The others are unidentified.

Anthony Carter

Cecilia John

Portrait of Cecilia John. She is pictured on page 99 of Carter's book "From History's Locker," with the caption: 'Teh is um'. Cecelia John, 83 yrs, Nootka name, 'Mo ah chat."

Anthony Carter

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