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Doyle Interviews Ricky

As part of what looks like a class exercise, two students (Doyle and Ricky) interview each other about fishing stories, their families and the towns they have lived in. The recordings are mixed with music recordings independent to the class activity. There are interventions from other students saying their names.
Track 1(cc_0083_a)
Track 2 (cc_0083_b)

Legends, JoAnne Dennis: Old Woman and the Rabbits, the Girl Who Went to Get Blueberries, the Girls Who Went to the Stars; and Robbie and the Sled Dog Race

Track 1 (cc_0084_a): JoAnne Dennis (age 14) tells three stories by request of Karen J. Clark: the Old Woman and the Rabbits, the Girl who went to get blueberries, the girls who went to the stars.
Track 2 (cc_0084_b): Karen J. Clark, reads the story of Robbie and the sled dog race marking with a sound whenever she turns the page

Mark Carlick and Geoffrey Cooper

Karen J. Clark with Mark Carlick and Geoffrey Cooper reading from the “Spache diagnostic Reading Scales” in June 1980. The scales are a series of individual reading tests used to evaluate oral and silent reading abilities. During the duration of the tape, Karen J. Clark performs the same test to both children in separate occasions.
Track 1 (cc_0081_a): Karen J. Clark with Mark Carlick
Track 2 (cc_0081_b): Karen J. Clark with Geoffrey Cooper

Class materials

Recordings include materials created by Karen J. Clark to be used in reading classes, materials created by students during Mrs. Clark’s classes, and materials created by Mrs. Clark to track the learning capabilities of students

John Carlick and Jean Brown on 3 Sisters and How Crow Brought Daylight

Track 2 (rr_0083_2): John Carlick telling the story of how Crow Brought Daylight and the story of the Three Sisters.
Track 4 (rr_0083_4): Jean Brown telling the story about the Frog, the Woman Who Turned into an Owl, How Crow Got Water and Daylight. Between the stories, she tells Tahltan traditions and her life story, counts from one to thirty, and then to a hundred in tens in Tahltan and English
No content on tracks 1 and 3

Lower Post

Track 4 (rr_0075_4): Karen Clark and her students at Lower Post telling and reading stories and rimes and singing in class. Karen Clark singing
Duplicated content on track 2.
No content on tracks 1 and 3

Legends and Class Lower Post

Track 4 (rr_0079_4): Karen Clark and her students from Lower Post telling Tahltan legends and stories. Short stories by different children with the Giant Worm Story, stories about Willy Cigar, Charlie McDonald, the Susina legend, and the Nass River Indians among others.
Duplicated content on track 2
No content on tracks 1 and 3

Rose Quash, Irene Inkster, Ann Gleason on Indian Medicine and Frogs

Track 2 (rr_0080_2): Rose Quash, Anne Gleason, Irene Inskter and Karen Clark talking about making jam, medicine practices and giving birth, hunting practices, taking care of babies, the story of the Three Sisters, treating animals right, and Tahltan ceremonies and traditions
Track 4 (rr_0080_4): Rose Quash talking to Anne Gleason and Karen Clark about fishing practices and fish treatment and storage. Irene Inkster talking about Tahltan traditions on using fruits and plants and medicine practices, skin treatment, and moose related stuff.
No content on tracks 1 and 3

Rose Quash, Gibson Quash, Minnie Creyke on Hunting, Trapping, Traplines, and Ester Knowles on Food, Stories, Medicine, and Language

Track 1 (rr_0074_1): Interview to Rose Quash, Gibson Quash, and Minnie Creyke where they talk about food procesing, hunting, trapping, and traplines
Track 3 (rr_0074_3): Interview to Ester Knowles where she translates some fruit names and sentences from English to Tahltan, stories about her past and childhood (living "in the bush"), memories about medicinal remedies, stories about Tahltan traditions, and translations of animal and plant names from English to Tahltan
No content on tracks 2 and 4

Rose Quash, Anne Gleason, Judy Joseph on Dushinas, Ghosts, more on snares, and Opal Ball

Track 1 (rr_0076_1): Anne Gleason, Rose Quash, Judy Joseph, and Karen Clark talking about ghosts stories, Tahltan traditions (medicine, death, and frogs), and stories about people they knew
Track 3 (rr_0076_3): Rose Quash, Anne Gleason, Judy Joseph, Irene Inkster, Patty (?), and Karen Clark on how you can catch rabbits, snares, potlatchs, and Opal Ball
No content on tracks 2 and 4

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