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British Columbia Item Masks
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Able John (73 yrs), Gold River BC

Image of Able John wearing a mask. An image of John is printed on page 119 of Carter's book "From History's Locker," with the caption: "Able John, born at Ehahsitaht but now living at Gold River. A friendly happy man he carves authentic Nootka masks to supplement his the earnings."

Anthony Carter

Sam Weber with mask, Kingcome

Image of Kingcome resident holding a mask carved by the late chief Willie Seaweed of Blunden Harbour. A colour version of this image is printed on page 49 of Carter's book From History's Locker.

Anthony Carter

Painted mask

Image of what appears to be a mask, featured painted, carved wood, feathers, shells, and fur.

Anthony Carter

UBC, unidentified masks

Image of two unidentified masks, possibly from the University of British Columbia's Museum of Anthropology.

Anthony Carter

Group in ceremonial dress, Alert Bay

Portrait of a group wearing ceremonial dress. They are standing outside, likely at a gathering of some kind in Alert Bay, BC. A crowd is visible behind them. The group includes a man and two women, and two children. The man is wearing a mask.

Performers, Alert Bay

Photograph of performers behind a tall wooden board/wall. One is dressed like an animal, possibly a wolf, with a mask and furry costume. Two other performers stand nearby. Based on the content of this and related images in this file, this photograph was likely taken at an outdoor event in Alert Bay, BC.

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