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Doug Cranmer Inglés
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Young girl and totem pole

Image depicts a young girl posed next to a log that has been rough cut for carving. She holds a tool of some sort.

Young girl and totem pole

Image depicts a young girl sitting next to a partially carved pole. Painting has begun on what may be bear claws.

Working on a canoe

Image depicts Douglas Cranmer working on a canoe. The canoe is partially filled with water.

Wood relief carving, close up of eye

Image depicts a portion of a wood relief carving, focusing on what may be an eye. The carving appears to be unfinished as rough edges and some markings can be seen.

Wood relief carving, close up

Image depicts a portion of a wood relief carving that may represent a wing. An extension cord hangs in the photo and a woodworking tool is visible in the top left portion of the print.

Wood relief carving

Image depicts a wood relief carving that depicts several figures and crests. The central figure is a seated human. Notes indicate this carving may be from Bella Bella. Additional notes say, "shutter 15 aperature 2.8"

Wood carving and tools

Image depicts a partially completed wood carving, possibly a canoe. Photo has been taken inside and shows woodworking tools. It is hard to distinguish what the carving is.

Virginia Kehoe fonds

  • 92
  • Fundo
  • ca. 1964 - 1970

This fonds consists of 201 photographs taken by Virginia Kehoe of various art created by Douglas Cranmer. The photographs include large scale totem pole and canoe carving projects, and smaller scale masks, carvings and artwork projects. There are also several photographs of events attended and photographed by Virginia Kehoe.

Virginia Kehoe

Using a chain saw

Image depicts carver Doug Cranmer using a chain saw to make early cuts on a pole.

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