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Anthony Carter Canada Totem poles
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Alert Bay, Johnson Strait

Image of a totem pole near a graveyard. This image is printed on page 26 of Carter's book "from History's Locker," with the caption: "View from the graveyard at Alert Bay looking across Johnston straits toward Vancouver Island."

Anthony Carter

Yuquot & Esperanza Inlet

File consists of images of scenery and people of the Nootka Sound area on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC.

Anthony Carter

Totem pole, Yuquot (Friendly cove) (?)

Image of a totem pole in Friendly Cove, raised in honour of Captain Jack. The same pole if pictured on pages 104-105 of Carter's book "From History's Locker," with the caption: "The large beautifully carved totem here at Friendly Cove was raised in honor of Capt. Jack by the people of five local bands, each of the groups of carvings being done by the best carvers of each group."

Anthony Carter

Chief Mungo Martin memorial, pole raising

Image of the raising of a totem pole made in memory of the Kwakiutl Chief Mungo Martin. The pole was placed at his grave. In this image, the pole has just been positioned into the hole where it will stand. Only the bottom o the pole is visible.

Anthony Carter

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