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Eric Parker fonds Animals Imagen
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Item is a negative showing a yak with large horns. There is a mountain in the background.


Item is a negative showing a yak. There are mountains visible in the distance.

Competitors await their turn

Item is a negative showing a group of men on horseback. The men are wearing wide brim hats and some appear to be carrying slings of arrows.

Photo of two women posing

Item is a photo of two women posing outdoors. Next to them and in the background are villagers, a building, a horse and mountains.

Capt. + Parker

Item is a negative showing a man, Lt. Parker standing in front of his horse next to a river. Parker is faced away from the camera and is looking across the river. There are mountains in the background.

Jongpen on his way to watch horse races

Item is a negative showing a line of men riding on horseback. The Jongpen, third in the line. His horse is being led by an unidentified person on foot and he is wearing a distinctive robe.

Horse race winner

Item is a negative showing a horse with a saddle and bridle. There is an unidentified man standing behind the horse, holding its head.


Item is a negative showing a takin. Parker notes that this takin was live captured for Colonel F.M. Bailey and shipped to the London Zoo.

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