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Frederich H. Maude fonds Pièce Building Structures
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Zuni Six-Storied Houses

Photograph of six-storied houses in Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. Some round house structures and some hildren are also visible in the foreground.

Shrine on Old Zuni Mesa

Photograph depicts what Maude has identified as a shrine on Old Zuni Mesa in New Mexico, with rows of Pahos and prayer sticks.

At San Lorenzo, N.M.

Photograph depicts two rounded structures, next to a fence, with a figure seated close by in what Maude has identified as San Lorenzo, New Mexico.

Terrace houses

Photograph of what appear to be terrace houses somewhere in the American Southwest, likely in Arizona.

Terrace houses

Photograph of terrace houses taken from above, likely in Oraibi, a Hopi village in Arizona.