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Quinault materials

Consists of records relating to the Quinault language. Powell originally hoped to work with the Quinault in 1969 during his graduate studies, but there was already a linguist with the community. In the 1980s he was asked to work for them on the basis of the success of the Quileute books, but he was committed to other projects at the time. Finally in 1995 he went down to Quinault territory again but the promised funding did not materialise. The records in this series are those collected by Powell during the final period of communications with the Quinault.

General correspondence

Subseries consists correspondence and communication between Hawthorn and individuals who were not representatives of another museum. There are several General Correspondence files, divided by year, and these consist primarily of people requesting that Audrey Hawthorn identify and price various objects, to recommend where to purchase NWC material, to speak at functions, and of requests for bibliographies. This subseries differs from subseries 10-B in that although the files may contain inquiries and requests, they often contain other types of correspondence as well. Record forms include correspondence, press releases, and ephemera.


Subseries consists of information pertaining to procedures for the acceptance of new members to the museum as well as correspondence with some notable members of the museum such as Arthur Erickson and John Koerner. Records in this subseries include correspondence and memoranda.

Communication and service: museums and institutions

Subseries consists primarily of correspondence with other museums, galleries and associations. The material in this subseries pertains to a multiplicity of functions. Records in this subseries take the form of correspondence, ephemera, account statements, questionnaires, minutes, memoranda and newspaper clippings.

Inquiries and requests

Subseries consists of photograph requests and other public inquiries about totem poles, baskets, coins, masks, stones, shell and ivory statues, pottery, and other items held or services provided by the museum. These inquiries are in the form of letters to the museum or telephone calls, the latter which are recorded on a museum form.

Public relations

Subseries consists of material pertaining to the museum’s interactions with the media during Hawthorn’s tenure. Records in this subseries consist of newspaper articles, museum, press releases, ephemera and memoranda.

Non-staff research, publications for MOA

Subseries consists of research or publications by people who are not part of MOA as staff, but who may have produced something for the museum or who may have written on subjects relevant to the activities of the museum. Authors include: Franz Boas, Guy P. Buchholtzer, Eric Arthur, Leonard B. Kimbrell, and the Royal Ontario Museum. Records in this subseries include photocopies of articles, various publications, notes and correspondence.

Staff research, publications and productions

Subseries consists of material produced by museum staff, among them Wilson Duff, Harry and Audrey Hawthorn, Marjorie Halpin, and Gloria Cranmer Webster. There is extensive material on Audrey Hawthorn’s Art of the Kwakiutl Indians. Included in this subseries are ca. 2000 photographs which were collected for possible use in this book. Photographs are numbered A38-A17206 with many numbers missing throughout. The majority of photographs are of wooden masks, but they are also of bowls, bentwood boxes, paddles, rattles, totem poles, talking sticks, headdresses and frontlets, wooden figures and miniatures, whistles, spoons, silver bracelets, argillite carvings, button blankets, chilkat blankets, cedar head and neck rings, woodworking tools, stone tools, and fish hooks. Other record forms included in this subseries include correspondence, notes and published materials.

Special training

Subseries consists of records relating to the training of native artists and funding for such programmes. It also contains a file on the conference on the contextual analysis of ideological systems. Records in this subseries consist of correspondence.

UBC credit

Subseries consists of material which relates to courses taught at UBC and the students that took them. Subseries consists of correspondence, letters of recommendation, memoranda, and a report from the Graduate Studies Review Committee, and teaching material and notes.

Special events

Subseries consists of files relating to nine special events: the Indian Costume Show (1950), Open House Day (1955), the opening of Totem Park, the Henry Speck (Ozistalis) show (1964), a talk given on aboriginal medicine (1966), Bill Holm’s Indian Dance Group (1967), the opening ceremony for the new museum (1974-1979), the Raven Celebration (1980), the ‘Ksan Poleraising (1980-1981), and the dedication of the museum doors (1976). The records in this subseries consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, memoranda, photographic negatives, ephemera, plans, budgets, financial statements, receipts, a copy of the June 9, 1976 edition of UBC Reports, and a copy of Canadian Art Review VI/I/1979.


Subseries consists of material relating to a commercial tour that focused on Kwakiutl land and culture. The records in this subseries take the form of notes, correspondence, and memoranda.

Film and video screening

Subseries consists of materials focusing on information regarding the borrowing and acquisition of films by the museum with a specific focus on the film “Switzer Unlimited”. The records in this subseries take the form of notes and correspondence.

Exhibit loans in

Subseries consists of files providing documentation on loans received by the museum for exhibition purposes. Material includes borrower’s agreements, correspondence, ephemera, receipts for loans in, and lists of loans in (1956-1958).

Traveling exhibits

Subseries consists primarily of material from the exhibit Man and His World in Montreal 1969-1970. Predominantly, the files contain correspondence with Rudy Kovach regarding design of the exhibit, as well as with Dr. Walter Gage and various Montreal officials including Mayor Drapeau. The records in this subseries take the form of correspondence, newspaper clippings, ephemera, inventories, plans and insurance evaluations.

Temporary exhibits

Subseries consists of material on exhibits, both at the UBC Museum of Anthropology and elsewhere. Files include material on the following exhibits: People of the Potlatch, The Trader and the Goods of Trade, Roy Vickers. These files include correspondence relating to possible exhibitions of oriental material and of Japanese, Greek, Roman and Etruscan material. The records in this subseries take the form of correspondence, memoranda, notes, sketches, news paper clippings, ephemera, plans and photographs.

Long-term exhibits

Subseries consists of records relating to exhibits which are essentially permanent, or long-term, at the museum. The records in this subseries predominantly relate to the development and implementation of visible storage at the museum. This subseries also contains material pertaining to ‘Totem Pole Park’. The records in this subseries take the form of notes, sketches and memoranda.

Loan requests, correspondence and planning

Subseries consists of materials which predominantly document correspondence between Audrey Hawthorn and various individuals regarding the loan of the materials or services to the museum. This material reflects the more formal stage of interaction such as letters initiating contact with relevant parties and expressions of gratitude rather than practical information regarding the transfer of objects. The subseries also contains some information related to planning for exhibitions. The records in this subseries take the form of correspondence, memoranda, notes, sketches, and 14 photocopies of maps which have been annotated.

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