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Hilary Stewart fonds Anglais
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"Indian Fishing" original drawings

Drawings that Stewart had clipped and arranged by theme, with captions. Each sheet is numbered. These were possibly part of early layout planning.

Antiquity (by Dale Cross)

Subseries consists of material related to illustrations done by Stewart for a paper titled "Antiquity," writteb by Dale Cross.

Artifacts - some old drawings

Photocopies of pages from Artifacts of the Northwest Coast Indians with annotations, likely regarding how to revise for her later book Stones, Bones, Antler and Shell. These pages were originally wrapped with a piece of paper with "Done!" handwritten on it.

Artifacts of the Northwest Coast Indians

Subseries consists of material related to the production of Stewart's book Indian Artifacts of the Northwest Coast, which was first published in 1973.

B/W and col., Cedar [photos]

These photographs were originally housed in a small box, filed by subjects. The photographs have been rehoused into archival sleeves, but the groupings and subject names have been retained. A note taped to the inside of this box read: "For info on these items - see photographic notes under ROLL NUMBER - i.e., R.43 = Roll 43/83 (number is year photo taken)." Many of these photographs are reproductions of images from archives and museums, with identifying information on back.

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