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Series consists of material relating to teaching and other educational activities carried out by the museum and its staff as well as by individuals not directly associated with the museum but who have produced research related to the museum’s activities. The records in this series includes photocopies of articles, notes, correspondence, published materials, letters of recommendation, memoranda, reports, and teaching materials.

The series is arranged into five subseries:
Subseries A: First Nations Art Bibliography
Subseries B: UBC Credit
Subseries C: Special training
Subseries D: Staff research, publications and productions
Subseries E: Non-staff research, publications for MOA

Financial Records

Series consists of records pertaining to MoA fund raising and grant applications. Series includes copies of correspondence with other curators and a directory to foundations. Series contains information and a copy of a MoA grant proposal.

Photographic records

Series consists of photographs, negatives, and slides taken or acquired by Duff during his study of North West coast culture and art. Included are views of objects, exhibits, places, trips, events, and people. There are six sub-series.

Volunteers and education

Series consists of records pertaining to the operations of the Volunteer Associates and to the Anthropology Shop Volunteers. Also included are records relating to education programming.
Series contains training guidelines, bibliographies, newspaper clippings, gallery- guided walk instructions, curriculum development records, exhibit pamphlets, correspondence, photocopies of scholarly articles, handwritten notes, course agenda, evaluation reports, tape cassettes, and training session reports.


This series largely reflects the production of programme plans for the Museum Assistance Program submitted to National Museums of Canada, and the MOA annual report. Series consists of memoranda, reports, evaluations, proposals, correspondence, calendars, programme plans, and other textual material.

Hindaleah Ratner

University teaching function records

Series consists of bibliographies, workshop notes, reports, and articles pertaining to Madeline Bronsdon Rowan's teaching positions at the University of British Columbia. This includes her senior instructor position in the Department of Anthropology and the workshops offered for students and professors through the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia.

The series is divided into the following sub-series:
A) Courses and Workshops for the Faculty of Education (1978-1982)
B) Senior Instructor in the Department of Anthropology (1975-1986)

Teaching/Training and Research Files

Series consists of published and unpublished articles and papers, draft copies, correspondence and memoranda, minutes, handwritten notations, curriculum vitae, pamphlets, brochures, speech outlines, photographs, and other textual and graphic material related to the director’s teaching, training, and research activities, as well as those of other Museum of Anthropology staff members. Includes records related to the teaching and planning of University of British Columbia credit courses, such as the Museum Studies Certificate program, taught at the museum, as well as records regarding special volunteer training and internship programs at the museum. The series also includes files regarding research and publications by the directors, other Museum of Anthropology staff and individuals not employed by the museum. In addition, the series includes records relating to talks given by the Director of the Museum, as well as a few files related to Michael Ames’ retirement and nominations for various awards.

The series is divided into the following subseries:

A. General Files 1974-1997

B. Planning Files 1974-2005

C. UBC Credit Files 1972-2003

D. Special Training Files 1979-1995, pre-dominant 1991-1995

E. Staff Research, Publications, and Productions Files 1971-2004

F. Non-staff Research, Publication, and Productions Files 1978-2008

G. Talks-Related Files 1971-2004

H. Volunteer Training Files 1979-1991

Native studies records

Series consists of workshop notes, curriculum unit notes, reports, photographs, slides and negatives pertaining to native studies programmes offered at the Museum of Anthropology and Madeline Bronsdon Rowan's work on the Native Youth Project, the Coast Salish Project, the Spirit Song Project, and the Native Indian Youth Advisory Committee. Also included are audio tapes and workshop notes pertaining to the North West Coast workshop.

The series is divided into the following sub-series:
A) Native Education Programmes records (1969-1984)
B) Coast Salish Project records (1975,1983-1984)
C) Native Youth Project records (1979-1987)

Resource files

Series consists of subject files of documents, newspaper clippings, and other material, created by the Public Relations and Communications Office relating to the Museum of Anthropology, individuals associated with it, as well as museum programs, exhibits, events and performances.

Cultural Review Board Records

Series contains correspondence regarding the authenticity of artifacts. Stott served as an expert examiner of Northwest Coast cultures; the series pertains to the evaluation of artifacts as being of “outstanding significance” for application to the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board. Series also contains copies of correspondence written by other MoA curators as well as background information.

School Programmes Files

Series consists of correspondence and memoranda, brochures, journal articles, papers, reports, draft copies, grant applications, handwritten notations, and other textual records regarding Museum of Anthropology school programmes. In addition to records regarding specific school programmes, the series includes records relating to the planning of school programmes, the production of workshops, kits, informative brochures for teachers and participant responses.

The series is been divided into the following subseries:

A. General Files 1978-1991

B. Programmes Files 1979-1992

C. Planning Files 1992-1996

D. Teachers’ Workshops and Communications Files [ca.1980]-1993

Personal documents

Series consists of records documenting personal transactions, financial matters, and accomplishments of Duff.

School programmes

Series consists of material related to school visits to the museum, both by educators and students. The records in this series consist of correspondence and ephemera.


Series relates to programming communications to the public and media. Series
consists of circulars, news releases, press releases, calendars, programme guides, correspondence, memoranda and other textual material.

Hindaleah Ratner

Academic materials

Series consists of records pertaining to Elizabeth Johnson’s teaching activities. The records relate both to courses which Johnson taught and notes on guest lectures that Johnson gave for classes at the University of British Columbia. Records include correspondence, notes, reports, syllabi, funding applications, memoranda, bibliographies and grading sheets.

The series is arranged into the following sub-series:
Subseries A: A431
Subseries B: Programme communication and flights
Subseries C: Lecture notes Cantonese Opera
Subseries D: Special sessions
Subseries E: A341
Subseries F: Chinese painting course
Subseries G: MOA volunteer training
Subseries H: Papers and publications
Subseries I: Presentations and conferences
Subseries J: A302
Subseries K: Miscellaneous teaching material

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Pow Wow

Series consists of records created, received, and/or used by Lindy-Lou Flynn, a contract researcher hired by the Museum of Anthropology to work under the supervision of Rosa Ho. Lindy-Lou Flynn documented and conducted field-work on Pow-Wows in British Columbia and Washington State. The Pow-Wow research project focused on the role of Pow-Wows in the construction and perception of native identity. Records include a contract, funding and financial information, a final report, field notes, correspondences, colour slides, audio tapes and their summaries, a bibliography, artifacts, posters, a video, a photograph, signed release forms, scholarly articles, newspaper clippings, and brochures on the Pow-Wow 91 research project.


Series consists of textual records and graphic records including photographs and slides of Dr. Halpin’s activities at the Museum of Anthropology. Included in this series are unlabelled photographs of a staff retreat, Halpin giving tours at the Museum of Anthropology, slides of MOA, visible storage, artifacts, and NWC objects found in displays and museums across Canada, the United States and Europe. Also included are personal photographs of Halpin and of her dog “Cammy” who frequently joined Halpin at the museum. Textual records in this series include a bibliography by Ron Hamilton on “18th Century Northwest Coast Explorers Observations-Early Collection and Maritime Fur Trade” and printed out CD-Rom templates for “A Century of Indian Art.”

Volunteer and student position files

Series consists of records relating to volunteer, internship, and work study positions held at the Museum of Anthropology, particularly in the Public Relations and Communications Office. Includes records regarding the Volunteer Associates, individual Public Relations and Communications Office interns, work study students, and their projects.

Series is divided into the following sub-series:

A. Volunteer Associates files, [ca.1981]-1987
B. Student files, 1982-2009

Administrative Records

Series consists of annual reports, building information, disaster plan, policies and public queries. Series contains memorandums, brochures, reports, policy drafts, and published materials.

Teaching and student files

Series consists of records related to Dr. Halpin’s activities as a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. Records include student evaluations of the internship program supervised by Dr. Halpin from 1983-1984 while she was Acting Director of the Museum of Anthropology, permission forms for a student project which Dr. Halpin consulted on, notes on an expansion of the department curriculum, reports, and records related to the source book for ANTH 432 which consists of two pictures, photocopied articles and course bibliography.

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