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Textual Materials

Series contains textual records contextualizing the petroglyphs and pictograms found in the graphic materials. Narrations include descriptions of the sites and their geologic evolution over the years that is leading to the loss of rock surface and petroglyphs and pictograms. Text also documents E. F. Meade’s hypothesis on how some of the petroglyphs and pictographs may have been carved and painted and his interpretations on the reasons behind the locations and purpose of some of them. The author also mentions conversations with local Indigenous peoples inquiring about the petroglyphs and pictographs and areas where he could not get documented due to issues with his equipment. Lastly, narrations include quotations and references to accounts by Capt. Vancouver, Archibald Menzies, and Alexander McKenzie describing the shore and locating some of Vancouver’s descriptions based on Meade’s knowledge of the coast and archaeology.

Slide group 1

File contains graphic materials depicting petroglyphs and pictographs in the coast of British Columbia.

Chief Dan George & band

File consists of images of Chief Dan George with a band, as well as an image of him by himself with a drum and a few images of the North Vancouver area.

Anthony Carter

Nawalakwaeiy in 1994

Image of the entrance to a cave with two people standing past the entrance.
Handwritten annotation on back "This is when I went to see the Cave, the Nawalakwaeiy in 1994."
Item was originally numbered by creator with number 107.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

How to Write in Kwakwala

Item is an audio cassette tape with no date and the annotation "How to write Kwakiutl" and "Copie" on both sides.
Item was numbered by creator with roman number I.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

Various museum displays

File consists of images of displays at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. Objects shown include Haida carvings, a Chilkat blanket, and unidentified masks.

Anthony Carter

This is Haida records

Series consists of images found in or related to Carter's 1969 published work. Focus is on photographic representations of First Nations communities and individuals throughout Haida Gwaii. Geographic locations include Anthony Island (Ninstins), Masset, Skedans, Skidegate, Tanu and Yan. Series also contains images related to the 1969 Masset pole raising ceremony in honor of Robert Davidson, Jr. Files are generally arranged chronologically according to subject matter and/or locality. Except where noted with square brackets, the titles for files and items in this series were taken from annotations on the original material.

Anthony Carter

Slide group 2

File contains graphic materials depicting petroglyphs and pictographs in the coast of British Columbia. According to annotations, some of the photographs were taken by L. M. Greene.


Subseries includes handwritten translations of the audio and video interviews.
Translations were done by Daisy Sewid-Smith and sent to Martine J. Reid for editing.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

Photographic Materials

Series contains graphic materials created by E. F. Meade, L. M. Greene, Dr. Akladakov (?), Arthur Goodland, Louis Poitras, Dick Pattinson, C. Gades, Dr. Foskett, and Morley Raven, and collected by E. F. Meade while documenting and studying petroglyphs and pictographs in the West Coast.
Series also contains some graphic materials documenting petroglyphs outside of Canada, including the United States of America, Russia, Scotland, and Guyana.

Taha, Pat, Jack & George

File consists of images of Chief George Slahholt of the Burrard Reserve and his wife Taha, mother of Chief Dan George. Images also include a few other individuals identified as Jack, Herbert, and Paddy.

Anthony Carter

Margaret Alfred Funeral

Image of five women standing with funeral wreaths.
Handwritten annotation on back "Margaret Alfred funeral (Moses Alfred's mother Qacugow). (L) Emma Mrs Ben, Kitty Daisy, Axuw, Beans Alfred (Nuladiy), Beand Roberts."
Item was originally numbered by creator with number 108.

Campbell River: Daisy Smith and Agnes Alfred

Item is a recording of Daisy Sewid-Smith and Sgnes Alfred. Item was recorded by Daisy Sewid-Smith at Campbell River, prior to Martine Reid involvement. Item was translated by Daisy Sewid-Smith in 1979.
Item includes four cassette tapes with Agnes Alfred and Dorothy Hawkins talking about love songs; the Hamatsa mask song; permission to use the chant of the Nimpkish, of the Kwakiutl; and their life story.
Item was numbered by creator with roman number II.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

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