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Vancouver Island
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Crowd at event with nets

Photograph of a crowd gathered in a dirt field, with netting laid out on the ground. A stamp on the verso of the print indicates that it was printed in 1958.

Mildred Laurie

Men on dock

Photograph of men working on a dock next to fishing boats, possibly in Alert Bay, BC. A stamp on the verso of the print indicates that it was printed in 1957.

Mildred Laurie

House posts and beam, Quatsino, BC

Image of the houseposts and beam of what once was a longhouse in Quatsino, BC, on the north end of Vancouver Island. These posts appear to be the same as posts now houses at the Museum of Anthropology (museum item number A50009 a-c). The poles are described on the museum's webiste: "Two upright posts and crossbeam that were part of a large interior house frame (also see records d-f and g-h). The uprights depict sea lions carved in high relief and painted (parts a-b). Their heads are equal size to their bodies. Both part a and b have an eagle in profile within the sea lions front flippers. Part a has a top portion of a face painted on the back of its head that is part of a sisiutl that runs down the seal lions back and into its hind flipper with a serpent's head in each. The cross-beam (part c) is painted and carved as a supernatural double-headed sea lion. All parts are painted black and white with Northwest Coast stylized forms... The Klix'ken (sea lion) House was commissioned by Tza'kyius around 1906, and was the last old style house erected in Xwatis. The beams and figures stood as part of a house frame, and acted as structural supports. Figures represented on house frames were supernatural beings which the family living in the house had the right, through their history and origins, to represent."

Ucluelet '48

Image of a small cluster of cabins on the shore in Ucluelet, British Columbia. There is a dock by the cabins and one or two small boats in the water.

Cast iron pots

Image of three cast iron pots sitting in the grass. This image is printed on page 111 of Carter's book "From History's Locker," in the Nootka section, with the caption: "These old cast-iron pots are an interesting reminder of the transition from the native cooking methods to the direct flame system..."

Anthony Carter

Cecilia John

Portrait of Cecilia John. She is pictured on page 99 of Carter's book "From History's Locker," with the caption: 'Teh is um'. Cecelia John, 83 yrs, Nootka name, 'Mo ah chat."

Anthony Carter

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