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Photo of village

Item is a photo of a village in foreground; mountains appear in background.

Photo of a mountain

Item is a photo of a landscape in the foreground; a mountain appears in the background.


Item is a negative showing a valley. It appears to be taken from a window as it is framed at the sides and top.

Villagers Posing Outdoors

Item is a negative showing women, children and one man posing outdoors. Other villagers, two loaded pack animals, a road, a fence, and a valley appear in the background.

Other miscellaneous material

The ‘Publications’ file consists of one bound, 59-page Almanac with pages wood block-printed with Tibetan text. A folded rice paper envelope accompanies the Almanac and has a handwritten annotation that reads, “Almanac of Iron Bird Year from Feb ...

Saatlsaach or Samiilth ceremony

Image shows what may be a Saatlsaach or Samiilth ceremony, as indicated by the K’aanaatla, the two men in the foreground in a stooped posture with sheets running from their heads down the length of their backs. The K’aanaatla are mimicking wolves....

Tuna Plain

Item is a negative showing a landscape with mountains and a lake in the background. There is a grassy meadow in the forefront.

My [Lieutenant/Colonel Parker's] quarters at Gyantse

Item is a negative showing a large building with several windows, a wide verandah, and two sets of staircases. There are two small field pieces at the foot of the staircase on the right left by the Younghusband expedition in 1906.

Gyantse plain

Item is a negative showing a landscape with a river in the forefront and mountains in the background. The village of Gyantse can be seen on the right hand side of the image.

Gyantse Jong

Item is a negative showing Gyanste Jong located at the top of a spur from a distance. There are several buildings at the bottom of the spur.


Item is a negative showing Gyantse village. Gyanste Jong can be seen in the background. There are mountains in the distance.


Item is a negative showing a man, the Lama, seated in front of a stone wall. He has a tablet with writing propped up in front of him.

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