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Scholarly research

Subseries contains copies of various published and unpublished essays related to Sawyer’s research on Northwest Coast artifacts, including essays written by Frederica de Laguna, Aldonia Jonaitis, Sylvia Albright, James Haggarty and Richard Inglis,...

Alan R. Sawyer

Girl in garden

Item is a photograph showing a girl standing in a garden. She is wearing ceremonial dress

People standing in bamboo grove

Item is a photograph of an elderly couple in the foreground and three people in the background. All are wearing traditional clothing and are standing in a bamboo grove

A woman kneeling on a cushion

Item is a photograph of a woman wearing traditional clothing kneeling on a cushion. Reads, "WRITING A LETTER." Possibly by photographer Kozaburo Tamamura or Kimbei Kusakabe

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