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Item is a negative showing a yak. There are mountains visible in the distance.

Group of men at an army base

Item is a negative showing a group of men milling around in front of several army tents. There are mountains in the background.

Tibetan man

Item is a negative showing an unidentified Tibetan man. There appears to be a mountain in the background.

Troops training

Item is a negative showing a group of soldiers forming two lines, one in front of the other. The soldiers are in uniform and are carrying guns with bayonets.

Capt. Noel

Item is a negative showing Captain John Noel taking a photo of two unidentified Tibetan women in full dress in front of a stone building. There are other buildings in background.

[Dak bungalow in a snowy mountain landscape]

Item is a negative showing the same dak bungalow in the previous negative (negative a033725) but from a slightly different angle. The image shows dak bungalow situated in a snowy mountain landscape.

View of mountains

Item is a print showing snow-capped mountains in the background and water and shoreline in the foreground.

Nine people reclining outdoors

Item is a print of nine people reclining outdoors with mountains in the background. Names of people appear in the margins.

Village Children

Item is a negative showing children posing outdoors in front of a building.

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