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Totems Hazelton etc.

Images of petroglyphs and totem poles. In one image a sign-post reads "Temlahem". Also includes images of graves and what appears to be a chapel.


Images of petroglyphs, totem poles, animals, and nature scenes.

Smiling Heads, Marnie + Tilted Desk

Photographs of open books with images of what appears to be figures and masks produced by a culture outside of North America. Humorous images of a woman working on a desk, one side of which is supported by a chair.

Pictographs 1974

Pictographs and images of pinecones and needles. Possibly from a trip to New Mexico.

Petroglyph Rubbings

Images of petroglyphs and petroglyph rubbings. One example from the Clo-oos Hill Site

Monsell Petroglyphs

Includes images of petroglyphs from the Monsell Site, on the west bank of the Nanaimo River, near Cedar BC.

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