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Dan George Prints

File consists of three print copies of a drawing of Chief Dan George done by Minn Sjolseth

Minn Sjolseth exhibition materials

File consists of exhibition related materials, including pamphlets from Minn Sjolseth's exhibitions, copies of clippings from her artist file at the Glenbow Museum, newspaper clippings about Sjolseth and her husband Anthony Carter, photograph...


Series consists of artworks created by Minn Sjolseth from the 1970s to the 1980s. These artworks include intaglio prints, pen and ink drawings, charcoal drawings, and watercolour paintings. Several of the artworks are landscapes, however the major...


File consists of an artist proof intaglio print by Minn Sjolseth.

Bill Reid tracing

File consists of a tracing of a Bill Reid image done by Minn Sjolseth.

In the Middle

File consists of a painting done by Minn Sjolseth. The donor notes that the painting depicts a girl would became the lead in The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, and an oil version of the painting also exists.

Minn Sjolseth's sketchbook

File consists of a sketchbook put together by Minn Sjolseth containing some of her drawings, as well as newspaper clippings about her and her work and photographic documentation of her artworks and exhibitions.

Estate of Minn Sjolseth, images and letters, 1995

File consists of photographic documentation of Minn Sjolseth's paintings, other textual records related to her artworks (appraisal documents, price lists complied by Laila Campbell), and a pamphlet from Sjolseth's 1994 retrospective show...

Bygone Days

File consists of an intaglio drypoint print (edition 5 of 7) by Minn Sjolseth.

Cape Mudge 1970 1979

File consists of slides depicting various potlatches, totem poles, as well as portraits of various people. Slides also depict some of Minn Sjolseth's paintings. Some slides are labeled with the following: "Face from a Potlatch, Kwakiutl...

Minn Paintings

File mainly consists of slides documenting Minn Sjolseth's paintings. There is also one slide depicting Minn Sjolseth with August Jacks.

Paintings 1970s-1980s, mostly watercolour

File consists of slides documenting Minn Sjolseth's paintings and exhibitions, including paintings depicting Totem poles from the 1970s-1980s, paintings depicting Mexico, and other scenics.

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