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A Coat of Many Colours: Two Centuries of Jewish Life in Canada
  • September 6 - November 17, 1991 (Gallery 5). The history of the Jewish experience in Canada was brought to life with 300 objects, from the common to the extraordinary, and the personal stories of individuals, from the famous to the unknown. The exhibition explored relations between Jews and non-Jews in Canada-relations that have been touchingly warm and disturbingly harsh. By mirroring the experiences of other ethnic and cultural communities in Canada, “A Coat of Many Colours” offered visitors a very timely understanding of the strengths of our national cloth.
A Family Affair: Making Cloth in Taquile, Peru
  • Exhibit opened at the Museum of Anthropology, UBC on May 9th, 1989.
A Green Dress: Objects, Memory, and the Museum
  • Exhibition dates: 2011-2012
A Rare Flower: A Century of Cantonese Opera in Canada
  • Exhibit on display at MOA May 16-November 7, 1993 and June 20-October 15, 1995
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Ancient Crossroads: The Rural Population of Classical Italy
  • December 5, 1978 - February 11, 1979. An exhibition of classical antiquities excavated in Southern Italy at the Note Irsi and San Giovanni di Ruoti, Basilicata..
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Anonymous Beauty
  • Exhibit date - 1981

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