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Thomas and Mildred Laurie collection Canada Avec objets numériques
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Children performers and band at outdoor event

Photograph of a group of children in ceremonial dress and a brass band at an outdoor event, possibly a potlatch. An unidentified man is standing prominently in the foreground of the image. A stamp on the verso of the print indicates that it was printed in 1958.

Mildred Laurie

Man, girl, and bicycle

A man and female child pose with a patriotically decorated bicycle that includes a de jure flag. The child wears a headband and some native clothing. Other people, a pickup truck, and a building are visible in the background.

Alert Bay, B. C.

View of Alert Bay, B. C. taken September 1954. Initials R S appear in lower right of card. Photo is an aerial view, so structures are difficult to distinguish.

Traditional B. C. Coast Architecture

The Alert Bay Community House, completed in 1963. The two post arches are 17 feet high, supporting two 70 foot logs, each measuring 3 feet in diameter and weighing 5 tons. The roof has a large opening at the center to allow smoke to escape from the open pit fire. Photo by Eric J. Cooke; published by J. Barnard Photographer LTD, Victoria B. C.

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