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Victor Othello dos Remedios fonds
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[Captives of Empire, photocopy of cover]

Photocopy of the book jacket (front and inside flaps) for Captives of Empire: The Japanese Internment of Allied Civilians in China 1941-1945, by Greg Leek. The cover shows an armband similar to the one in this fonds. The book is about internment camps in Shanghai during WWII, with extensive information about camp Chapei, where Victor and his family were interned.

[Photo album]

Photo album containing postcards, photographs, and newspaper clippings from Shanghai. The postcards show Shanghai before WWII. The photographs, likely taken by Victor while he served in the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, show the aftermath of Japanese bombings in Shanghai. The newspaper clippings relate to these bombings as well.

The scullery at Chapei [with Valentina]

Photocopy of a page from the book Captives of Empire, featuring a photograph from camp Chapei in Shanghai, where Victor and his family were interned. The photo shows the scullery at the camp, and a group of people peeling potatoes. Valentina is one of women in the foreground.

[Valentina's identification card, 1942]

Identification card for Victor's wife, Valentina, issued by the Swiss Consulate General in Shanghai, and dated July 1, 1942. This card would have been given to her just prior to being interned in a Japanese internment camp for the duration of WWII. A photograph of Valnetina is attached to the card.

Victor Othello dos Remedios fonds

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  • ca. 1930-1945

Fonds consists of photographs that mainly document bombings in Shanghai by military forces from Japan in 1937. It is likely that the photographs of two bombing incidents were taken when Victor was a member of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps. The images show the devastation caused by the bombings including streetscapes and details of blown out buildings and dismembered casualties. Other photographs at the beginning of the album are postcards of Shanghai in its heyday before the bombings. Textual documents are from the 1930s and 1940s and include registration cards, a birthday card, a passport as well as identification cards of Victor, Valentina and Elizabeth.

Victor Othello dos Remedios

[Victor's houseboat]

Photograph of Victor's houseboat anchored in a river in Shanghai, in which he lived for several years prior to marrying Valentina. In the photograph , a group is seated on top of the boat, and two men are standing on the boat holding a pole with game of some kind hanging from it.