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Carving a totem pole

Image depicts Douglas Cranmer in the process of carving a pole. The early cuts are made with a chain saw.

Partially carved totem pole

Image depicts a partially carved totem pole lying on the ground. One end of the pole has had rough cuts made; the other end still has bark.

Young girl and totem pole

Image depicts a young girl sitting next to a partially carved pole. Painting has begun on what may be bear claws.

Carving break

Image depicts Doug Cranmer taking a break from carving. He sits on a wooden bench and his chain saw rests on the ground in front of him.

Carving a pole

Image depicts a pole that has been partially carved. A carver, probably Doug Cranmer, uses an adze.

Felled tree

Image depicts a tree with bark intact. The tree sits on some sort of support.

Using a chain saw

Image depicts carver Doug Cranmer using a chain saw to make early cuts on a pole.

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