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[Ceremony continues]

Image is of the pole raising ceremony. A man in a suit is standing next to one of the poles. A group is on stage speaking or singing. A man in front of stage is holding what appears to be a hand drum. Spectators are looking toward the stage.

[Post-ceremony socializing]

Image is of Isaac and unidentified persons, one who holds a skin drum, standing and conversing after the ceremony. A totem pole and unidentified object (painted cloth banner?) are partially visible in image background.

[Isaac Tait with unidentified persons in front of totems]

Image is of Isaac Tait standing with three unidentified persons in front of a platform holding two totem poles. Ron and three unidentified persons sit and converse near the platform, to the left of Isaac. Josiah and Rob't (?) stand near the right side of the image, holding staffs.

[Norman stands atop totem pole]

Image is of Norman standing atop a totem pole. One unidentified person adjusts a pulley (?). Another unidentified person stands facing Norman who instructs from his position on top of the pole.

[Preparing to raise pole]

Image is of Rob't, Norman, and unidentified person standing near one end of the totem pole. Rob't holds a skin drum. Unidentified persons holding a video camera and boom equipment are visible in image background. Unidentified guests mill and converse in image background.

[Preparing to raise pole]

Image shows the pole with pulley ropes set up in preparation for raising it. The pole is seen from behind, lying down, with bottom of pole visible. A number of individuals are standing near pole and at the end of the pulley ropes, likely getting ready to raise the pole.

[Preparing to raise pole]

Image shows individual with video camera filming spectators and individuals holding the ends of the pole raising ropes.

Camp at Bujangolo[?], 12,500 ft.

Image shows a group of men at a camp in the Congo region. An annotation on the back identifies Woosman[?] on the left and Carrinton[?] on the right.

A.F.R. Wollaston

Tanganyika N.W.

Image shows cattle in a field, with hills in the background, taken in the Congo region.

A.F.R. Wollaston

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