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Tom Brown, Kitisug

Image of Tom Brown next to an ancient American cannon. Very similar to the image used on page 79 of "somewhere between" book, with caption: "Tom Brown, elected head of the Klemtu Village is from Blackfish tribe of 'Kit-is-Stu.' His Grandfather somehow got possession of this ancient American cannon (proof tested in Boston) and it has been a family doorstop ever since..."

Anthony Carter

Paul Hopkins, Kynoc [Nuxalk]

Portrait of Paul Hopkins, seen from neck up. He is standing outside. A different portrait of Paul Hopkins is printed on page 22 of the book Somewhere Between. The caption for this image describes Hopkins as "last of the proud Kynoc race. His face mirrors the strength of a great people."

Anthony Carter

Group with canoes along river

Image of children, three adults, and two dogs with canoes on a beach. Just beyond the beach, a number of cars are parked, some holding canoes, with more people. A police officer is standing on the road. A similar image of this same scene is printed on page 65 of Carter's book "Abundant Rivers," with the caption: "The canoes of these two ancient races rest on the sandy shore of an historic river, the mighty Stalo, as children of the new world share a common happiness, unaware that history lies just beneath the sand at their feet."

Anthony Carter

Boys by Fraser River

Image of two young Musqueam boys kneeling down at the edge of the Fraser River. The boys are facing away from the camera. A different image of the same scene is printed on page 59 of Carter's book "Abundant Rivers."

Anthony Carter

Children at Klemtu

Image shows two young girls, daughters of Steve Robinson, sitting on the deck of a boat in the water

Anthony Carter

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