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Series consists of 6 scrapbooks assembled by the Binnings, either as commemorative souvenirs of their travels or as gifts to their Japanese friends overseas for a period of time covering over a decade. Scrapbooks consist predominantly of photographs, but also include brief notes and newspaper clippings. One file of textual records provides notes for a souvenir album assembled by B.C.

Bertram Charles (B.C.) Binning


Series consists of a voluminous amount of communication (approximately 270 letters) between both B.C. Binning and their friends and colleagues in Japan, predominantly Bishop Kojo Sakamoto, his family, and other friends and translators. The bulk of the communication occurs mostly around September 1966 onwards, when Sakamoto’s calligraphy was the focus of an exhibit at the University of British Columbia. Correspondence is presented in the form of letters, traditional scrolls, postcards, telegrams, notes, and a small amount of newspaper clippings.

Series is arranged chronologically by date, regardless of author. There are approximately eighteen correspondences that are undated that were all authored by Bishop and Kiyoko Sakamoto. These follow the dated correspondence.

Bertram Charles (B.C.) Binning

Sakamoto printed exhibit material

Series consists of printed materials sent from Kojo Sakamoto to the Binnings related either to the Bishop’s own art, or that of his mentor, Tomioka Tessai. Printed material comes in the form of exhibit catalogues, brochures, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings. A collection of encapsulated photographs from an undated calligraphy exhibit is also found in this series.

Bertram Charles (B.C.) Binning

Northwest Coast First Nations artifacts research

This series consists of graphic and textual materials related to Sawyer’s research on Northwest Coast artifacts. Graphic materials in this series include slides, photographs, and drawings of artifacts. Textual records in this series consists of research material and iconic analysis cards complied and/or accumulated by Sawyer, or by his students, regarding Northwest Coast artifacts. Other textual records include correspondence Sawyer had with various museums regarding Northwest Coast items in their collections.

This series contains four subseries titled:
A. Slides of artifacts
B. Scrapbooks
C. Museum research materials
D. Student research materials

ref # 13-1

Alan R. Sawyer

External relations

Series consists of material accumulated as a result of the museum’s interaction with the public. Records in this series are found in the forms of correspondence, press releases, ephemera, memoranda, account statements, questionnaires, minutes, and newspaper clippings.

The series is arranged into five subseries:
Subseries A: Public relations
Subseries B: Inquires and requests
Subseries C: Memberships
Subseries D: Communication and service: museums and institutions
Subseries E: General Correspondence


Series consists of material relating to teaching and other educational activities carried out by the museum and its staff as well as by individuals not directly associated with the museum but who have produced research related to the museum’s activities. The records in this series includes photocopies of articles, notes, correspondence, published materials, letters of recommendation, memoranda, reports, and teaching materials.

The series is arranged into five subseries:
Subseries A: First Nations Art Bibliography
Subseries B: UBC Credit
Subseries C: Special training
Subseries D: Staff research, publications and productions
Subseries E: Non-staff research, publications for MOA

School programmes

Series consists of material related to school visits to the museum, both by educators and students. The records in this series consist of correspondence and ephemera.

Public programmes/events

Series consists of material relating to the activities surrounding public programmes and events planned by the museum to engage the public. Also see audio tapes MOA 70 and 71 which consist of Audrey Hawthorn, accompanied by Elvi Whittaker, giving a tour of the museum. Record forms in this series include correspondence, newspaper clippings, memoranda, photographic negatives, ephemera, plans, budgets, financial statements, receipts, and a copy of the June 9, 1976 edition of UBC Reports, and a copy of Canadian Art Review VI/I/1979.

The series is arranged into three subseries:
Subseries A: Planning
Subseries B: Film and Video Screening
Subseries C: Special Events


Series consists of material relating to exhibitions mounted by the museum. Record forms in this series include correspondence, memoranda, notes, sketches, maps, newspaper clippings, insurance evaluations, inventories, ephemera, sketches, maps, receipts, plans and photographs.

The series is arranged into five subseries:
Subseries A: Loan Requests, Correspondence and Planning
Subseries B: Long-term exhibits
Subseries C: Temporary exhibits
Subseries D: Traveling Exhibitions
Subseries E: Loans in


Series consists of material relating to the objects at MOA, how they were found, purchased, donated or otherwise acquired. Material relates to original owners of objects and, where appropriate, monies paid for pieces added to the collection. Series also relates to loaning of museum objects, borrowing of objects belonging to other people or organizations and any treatment items may have received. The series has been arranged chronologically by date within each subseries. The records in this series take the form of the ledgers correspondence, memos, receipts, borrower’s agreements, photographs, and newspaper clippings, notes, negatives, invoices, ephemera, student papers, memoranda and plans.

The series is arranged into eight subseries:
Subseries A: Planning
Subseries B: Acquisitions and Documentation
Subseries C: Documentation of Cultures
Subseries D: Preservation/Conservation and Storage
Subseries E: Insurance
Subseries F: Deaccessioning
Subseries G: Loans In
Subseries H: Loans Out

Facilities and services

This series consists of material relating to the physical environment in which the museum operates. Series is further arranged into subseries, with the records in the subseries arranged chronologically. The records in the series are composed of photographs, work order forms, correspondence, and memoranda. Subseries consists of correspondence, memoranda, plans, financial documents, design plans, minutes, budgets, notes, and contracts.

The series is arranged into three subseries:
Subseries A: General
Subseries B: Building Maintenance
Subseries C: Building Projects and Plans

Human resources

Series consists of material related to the management of employment and labour at MOA. The series focuses primarily on long term employees however small files on more temporary positions such as those employed to do carvings by the museum are also included. The series has been arranged chronologically by date within subseries. The series consists of curriculum vitas, memoranda, notes, correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, ephemera, time sheets, receipts, account statements, position postings, and appointment notices, programs, policy documents and an audio cassette.

The series is arranged into two subseries:
Subseries A: Staff
Subseries B: Volunteers


Series consists of material reflecting the financial life of the museum.
Records in the series consist of correspondence, budgets, ledger sheets, memoranda, receipts, notes, requisition books, expense ledgers, receipts, account statements and statements of purchases.

The series is arranged into 3 subseries:
Subseries A: Budget
Subseries B: Accounts
Subseries C: Funding


Series consists of material relating to the fundamental activities of museum operation. This series comprises material such as annual reports, policy and procedure records which are arranged chronologically by date within subseries. The records in this series take the form of correspondence, minutes, memoranda, annotated policy documents, drafts of procedure documents, schedules, blank item cataloguing cards sample forms, notes, financial statements, budgets, ephemera, and reports.

The series is arranged into three subseries:
Subseries A: Policies and Procedures
Subseries B: Planning
Subseries C: Accountability and Evaluation

Video Material

This series consists of seven DVD’s produced by Kovanic, which contain video material collected in the Banni District, Kutch, Gujarat, India and four DVD’s containing video from Orissa, India, also produced by Kovanic. These videos relate to articles and photographs which can be found in Series 1.

Gillian Darling Kovanic


The series consists primarily of material accumulated and/or created by Gillian Darling Kovanic during her travels abroad, both as a student of anthropology and a filmmaker. This series includes field research conducted by Kovanic with the Kalash in Pakistan, the Kom/Kati tribes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Orissa in India, the Haida on the Queen Charlotte Islands [Haida Gwaii], British Columbia and the Kwakwaka’wakw in Alert Bay, British Columbia. Much of her fieldwork is made up of a study of the languages and cultural practices of the people being studied.
Included in the series are eleven field notebooks and thirty-nine corresponding cassette tapes, a handwritten Kalash’a dictionary, a notebook containing information on the ethnographic materials collected by Darling, which now reside with the Royal Ontario Museum, and approximately 4502 photographs, including slides, negatives, prints and digital photos. Also included are a number of academic and popular articles collected by Kovanic, which compliment her field research, including a unique, handwritten article by Wazir Ali Shah, secretary to the last ruler of Chital, Mehtar, in 1977, which was written after the original manuscript was lost. The series also contains published material, comprised of a teaching kit titled “Kalash Bread-making: From Field to Feast” and the Wakhi Language Book by Haqiqat Ali.

Gillian Darling Kovanic

Youth programming

Series relates to developing and managing programming for children and young adults. Series consists of memoranda, correspondence, news releases, clippings, photographs, and other textual material.

Hindaleah Ratner

Weekly programming

Series relates to programming emphasizing public participation. Series consists of memoranda, correspondence, circulars, and other textual material.

Hindaleah Ratner

Strategic planning

Series reflects the long term planning and evaluation activities of the museum, as well as of public programming, including participation in staff retreats. Series consists of memoranda, programming proposals, budget forecasts, budgets, agendas, recommendations, grant applications, reports and correspondence.

Hindaleah Ratner

Special events

Series consists of records relating to events such as conferences performances and pole raisings, and organizing public programming associated with those events. Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, circulars and other publicity material, reports, and other textual material.

Hindaleah Ratner

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