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Ancient Cloth … Ancient Code?

Subseries consists of records relating to the exhibit Ancient Cloth …Ancient Code? It was coordinated by Elizabeth Johnson and curated by Mary Frame. It was installed at MOA from March 4 to May 24 of 1992. The exhibit focused on textiles from various ancient societies from present day Peru. Records include grant applications, budgets, memos, correspondence and photographs.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Proud to be Musqueam: Dedicated to Our Children

Subseries consists of records relating to the exhibit "Proud to be Musqueam: Dedicated to Our Children." The exhibit was coordinated by Lizanne Fisher and Elizabeth Johnson. It was installed at MOA in 1989; a travelling version was later created. Subseries includes agreements, Anthropology 341 course outline, brochures, correspondence, exhibit labels, funding proposal, memos, notes, permission forms, phone message, articles from conferences, newspapers and professional journals, and a student paper.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

A Rare Flower: A Century of Cantonese Opera in Canada

Subseries consists of records relating to the 1993 exhibit, "A Rare Flower: A Century of Cantonese Opera in Canada." The exhibit began with an acquisition of historic Chinese Opera costumes from the Jin Wah Sin Music Society. The exhibit was first installed at MOA from May 16 to Nov. 7 1992, in Gallery 5. Elizabeth Johnson was both curator and coordinator. It was also a travelling exhibit with five other venues in Canada. It reopened in MOA in 1995, and later travelled to the McCord Museum. Aspects of the exhibit have been on display at numerous venues, including Hong Kong and Ghuangzhou in a panel exhibit. Subseries contains agendas, articles, artifact lists, books, business cards, agreements, correspondence, drawings, evaluations, exhibit labels, expenses, internal forms (exhibit proposal forms), financial records, guidelines, grant applications, memoranda, minutes of meetings, museum exhibit diagrams, permission forms, photographs, notes, plans, policies, press releases, proposals, publications (books and magazines), publicity records, receipts, reports, reproductions of newspaper ads and articles, research notes, schedules, slides, speaking notes, surveys, transcripts of research interviews, handbills, drafts, visitor surveys and videos.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Nunavutmiutanik Elisasiniq

Subseries consists of a newsletter pertaining to the exhibit “Nunavutmiutanik Elisasiniq.” This exhibit was installed at the MOA from April - September 1999. This exhibition honours the people of Nunavut, and features more than one hundred examples of contemporary and historic sculptures, prints, and drawings.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Wearing Politics

Subseries consists of notes pertaining to the exhibit “Wearing Politics, Fashioning Commemoration: Factory Printed Cloths of Ghana”. This was a student exhibit by Michelle Willard. The exhibit was coordinated by Elizabeth Johnson. This exhibit was installed at MOA in February 2004.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Kesu': The Art and Life of Doug Cranmer

The records in this sub-series relate to the development and implementation of the exhibition curated by Jennifer Kramer titled Kesu': The Art and Life of Doug Cranmer. Records in the sub-series also relate to the development and publication of Kesu': The Art and Life of Doug Cranmer, authored by Jennifer Kramer and published in 2012 by Douglas & McIntyre. The exhibition featured the artwork of Doug Cranmer (1927-2006), a leading practitioner of Northwest Coast Kwakwaka’wakw art. Kesu' took place at the Museum of Anthropology from March 17 to September 3, 2012, the Museum at Campbell River in Campbell River, BC from October 19, 2010 to February 17, 2013 and the U’mista Cultural Centre in Alert Bay, BC from May 11 to October 8, 2013. Kramer received the 2012 British Columbia Museums Association's Museums in Motion Award of Merit for the exhibition. The book designer Jessica Sullivan received the 2012 Alcuin Society's award for First Place in the pictorial category.

Files in the sub-series consist of exhibition and publication planning notes and related correspondence, research materials pertaining to the career and life of Doug Cranmer, interview transcripts, photographs, funding proposals, object loan agreement forms, photography permission agreements, interview release forms, contracts and financial records, marketing plans, book drafts, exhibit text and labels, promotional materials and printouts of digital photographs of art work.

Robert Davidson: “The Abstract Edge”

The records in this sub-series relate to the development and implementation of the Robert Davidson exhibition The Abstract Edge at MOA. The Abstract Edge opened at the Museum of Anthropology on June 22nd, 2004 through January 30th 2005. The Abstract Edge then went on a cross-Canadian tour from 2005-2007, which was sponsored by the National Gallery of Canada.

Files consist of exhibition planning notes, research, reporting, grant applications, contracts, correspondences, event planning, articles and publications, and transcripts. Additionally, some files in the series also relate to the publication for the exhibition which Duffek wrote in conjunction with Robert Houle. Most of the photographic transparencies were taken for publication images. Other files relate to Robert Davidson in general, such as transcripts of interviews, public lectures, and past exhibitions.

Willy White: “My Ancestors Are Still Dancing”

The records in this sub-series relate to Willy White’s 2002 exhibition on Chilkat and Raven’s Tail weaving, My Ancestors Are Still Laughing. During his exhibition at the Museum of Anthropology, Willy White began weaving a gwishalaayt, or Chilkat robe. The weaving was later finished at his home in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. In 2004, a “taking off of the loom” ceremony and feast was held to celebrate the completion of the gwishalaayt. Though Elizabeth Johnson was the curator for this exhibition, Duffek worked closely with her, and the files relate to Duffek’s involvement with in the process. File contents relate to exhibition research and planning, draft exhibit texts, correspondences, transcripts of interview with the weavers, and recordings of the final ceremony.

Multiplicity: A New Cultural Strategy

The sub-series contains materials relating to the exhibit Multiplicity: A New Cultural Strategy, for which Duffek was the exhibition coordinator and Robert Houle was the guest curator. The exhibition took place from December 1993 through May of 1994. The exhibition featured works by contemporary First Nations artists who question the concept of the “other.” Records consist of articles, exhibit text and labels, internal reports, correspondences, artist biographies, and a report based on visitor interviews.

Carl Beam Exhibit

This sub-series consists of records relating to the exhibition of the Carl Beam Exhibit at MOA. This exhibition, which was created by the National Gallery of Canada, was exhibited at UBC MOA from April 8th to May 29th 2010 and was curated by Greg Hill. The Exhibit displayed fifty works of Carl Beam, an artist of Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) heritage.

Files contain correspondence, exhibit floor plans, installation instructions from the National Gallery of Canada, photocopies of art works, exhibit captions, promotional materials, and notes for an opening night speech.

Karen Duffek

Heredity: Heredity Chiefs of the Haida

Subseries consists of records relating to the exhibit “Heredity: Hereditary Chiefs of the Haida.” This photo-based exhibit was installed at the Museum of Anthropology from April 28, 1998 to February 21, 1999. Records include: drafts and final artist statement, artifact list, handwritten notes, photographic slides, pencil and ink diagrams, correspondence, memoranda, publications, announcements and press releases, exhibition description, agenda, release forms for photographs, exhibit budget, computer exhibit diagrams, and exhibit proposals.

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