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Conference files

Series consists of correspondence and memoranda, reports, itineraries, agendas and other textual material related to conferences attended by Shane where she gave public presentations.

Audrey Patricia Mackay Shane

External committees files

Series consists of correspondence and memoranda, announcements, handwritten notations, guides and publications related to Shane’s participation in various committees such as the British Columbia Museums Association’s Ownership Committee and the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board’s Signing Expert Examiner in Ethnography. Also included are records relating to Shane’s role as the Canadian representative of the Association of College and University Museums and Galleries.

Audrey Patricia Mackay Shane

General administration files

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, grant applications, forms, guides, budget discussions, minutes from Curators’ meetings, notes from staff retreats relating to policies and procedures, job descriptions and institutional goals and other textual material relating to the daily administrative needs of the Museum. Included are a certificate of recognition, correspondence with the Cultural Property Import and Export Board, guides to cataloguing and classification systems and correspondence with UBC’s computing centre as well as the Department of Anthropology regarding the Museum’s computer needs.

Audrey Patricia Mackay Shane

Papers/teaching/lecture files

Series consists of correspondence memoranda, reports, student evaluations of Anthropology 431, articles, lecture notes, slides and other textual material mostly related to Shane’s teaching responsibilities in Anthropology 431, Museum Principles and Methods. Also included are copies of Shane’s papers for various publications, c.v.’s, book reviews, public lectures and materials for volunteer training seminars taught by Shane.

Audrey Patricia Mackay Shane

Museum history files

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, guest lists, invitations, press releases, newspaper clippings, calculations, photographs and other textual material related to various events at the Museum of Anthropology, including the Museum’s official opening in 1976 and Prince Charles’ visit to the Museum for the unveiling of The Raven. Also included are publications about the Museum written by various staff members, drafts of Audrey Hawthorn’s manuscript which was eventually published as A Labour of Love and other records relating to grant applications, research and editing for this book.

Audrey Patricia Mackay Shane

Database files

Series consists of correspondence and memoranda, lists, handwritten notations, evaluations, surveys, minutes, sample documentation cards, progress reports, location files, budgets and other textual material. Most records are related to the Museum’s participation in the National Inventory Programme (NIP), a computerized information system geared towards gathering and storing museum data as well as describing key items and collections within museums to enable retrieval of this information. The Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) succeeded the NIP in 1984.

Audrey Patricia Mackay Shane

Project files

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, proposals, drafts, research notes, draft text for exhibit labels, sketches, postcards and other textual material relating to numerous projects undertaken by Shane and others in the Museum. Includes records relating to the expansion of the Museum, Museum postcards, special projects related to improving corridor cases, access to totem poles and exhibits.

Audrey Patricia Mackay Shane

Collections files

Series consists of correspondence and memoranda, contracts, budgets, minutes from Collections Committee meetings, schedules, photographs, negatives and other textual records related to the organization and maintenance of the Museum’s collections. Includes files relating to acquisitions, cataloguing, policies, storage, interns, museum assistants and field collection.

Audrey Patricia Mackay Shane

Exhibition files

Series consists of correspondence and memoranda, reports, handwritten notations, draft copies, cue cards, comment book, photographs, negatives, contact sheets, slides, application grants specific to exhibitions and other textual and graphic records related to the preparation of exhibitions within the Museum.

Audrey Patricia Mackay Shane

APEC photographs

Series consists of photographs of, in, and around The Museum of Anthropology during the APEC Leaders’ Meeting, including images of the APEC leaders, protesters, and the staff at MOA.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

APEC artifacts

Series consists of material created and collected during APEC. Items include chalk, plastic ties, police tape, screwdriver, APEC delegate’s handbag, a ‘Thank you’ card from Bill Clinton, a coffee cup, saucer, and cigar butt used by Bill Clinton, and other material

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

APEC audio recordings

Contains sound recordings of broadcasts from the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus radio station CITR on the day of the APEC Leaders’ Meeting at Museum of Anthropology, focusing mostly on the student protests and clashes with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP); and post-APEC interviews with 2 protestors (Jonathan Oppenheim and Victoria Scott), the Dean of Arts for UBC (Shirley Newman), and the Chief of the Musqueam Nation (Gail Sparrow).

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

APEC textual records

This series is comprised of official APEC results reports, handbooks, and ministerial joint statements; newspapers, news clippings, magazines, hand-written notes, stickers, postcards, and other materials. These materials were created, used, and saved during the APEC Leaders’ Meeting at the Museum of Anthropology in November 1997. Material generated from events such as campus and city protests that occurred because of APEC are also present in this collection. These materials include University of British Columbia (UBC) campus publications and Canadian and American newspapers and magazines; press releases from protest groups; materials on The 1997 People’s Summit on APEC, the Women’s Conference Against APEC, APEC-Alert, Democracy Street, Anti-APEC Summit, and other anti-APEC organisations; photocopies of pictures of graffiti at MOA; the Musqueam Speech that was cancelled by the Prime Minister’s Office; printouts of various web pages concerning APEC; and other materials.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Missionary resources

Series consist of bibles, hymns, and scriptures referred to throughout Rev. Crosby’s personal and missionary activities. Series includes ephemera removed from The Holy Bible Old & New Testaments. Ephemera consists of documents such as: a letter from The Lord’s Day Alliance of Canada; a letter from the Department of Temperance, Prohibition and Moral Reform of the Methodist Church; a small flower cut-out; a note written by Crosby regarding population sizes; and articles titled “Heaven: What is it like,” “Trusting the Weaver,” “Good Resolutions/ Liquor Arithmetic – Object Lesson,” “Mission Work in British Columbia,” “Guardian” (written by Crosby), “Holiness in San Antonio,” “The Young Disciple,” “The Wealth of the West and the Safety of the Sabbath,” and “Calvary/Eternity.” Series also includes two embroidered and one non-embroidered fabric strips used as bookmarks.

ITEM LIST (with box-folder number, title, and dates):
3 [Oversized box] : Methodist Hymn Book, [186-] – [191-]
3 [Oversized box] : Holy Bible Maps, [186-] – [191-]
3 [Oversized box] : Hymns Ancient & Modern No.34, 1860 – 1871
3 [Oversized box] : A New Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, 1874
3 [Oversized box] : Holy Bible Old & New Testaments, [186-] – [191-]
3 [Oversized box] : Thomas Crosby Friendship’s Gift [embroidered bookmark], [186-] – [191-]
2-15 : Missionary resources – Ephemera, 1874 – [191-]
2-16 : Missionary resources – bookmarks, 1863 – [191-]

Thomas Crosby

Personal and missionary photographs

Series consist of loose photographs, a newspaper clipping, photomechanical prints, and one photomechanical print album produced and collected throughout Rev. Crosby’s personal and missionary life, including portraits and group photographs of aboriginal individuals and/or missionaries, photographs of churches, schools, homes, hospitals, and other buildings, and aboriginal cultural and ceremonial objects (artifacts and curios). In addition, photographic events include carvings, church congregations, gathering of aboriginal children from residential schools, weddings, and funerals. Geographic locations depicted in the photographs include (but are not limited to): Chilliwack, Cultus Lake, Fort Essington, Fort Rupert, Fraser River, Greenville, Gold Harbour, Massett Village, Naas River, Port Simpson, River Inlet, Skidegate (Haida), Yale, and Vancouver Island (Nanaimo, Victoria) all in British Columbia; as well as, Whatcom County Washington, USA; Fort Wraugh, Alaska; Port Chester, Alaska; Montreal, Quebec; Norway; and Labrador. Series includes photographers and photograph studios such as Noah Shakespeare, Richard & Hanna Maynard, Carlo Gentile, J.G. Parks, Thos. E. Perkins, Geo Rirton, B.F. Howland & Co., J.M. Jacobsen, Wadds Bros., N. Caple & Co., Hugill, R.Z. Tashiro, Butcher & Co., Brooks, Skene Lowe, Nathan Joseph & Co., and S.A. Spencer. Photographers Carlo Gentile (whose Victoria studio was purchased by Noah Shakespeare) and Frederick Dally (whose negatives were partly acquired by Richard & Hanna Maynard) may also be included but unidentified. Series includes photomechanical prints, albumen prints, cabinet cards, carte-de-visites, gelatin printing-out papers, gelatin developing-out papers, a ferrotype, stereograph prints, and other unidentified print types.

FILE LIST: (with box-folder number, title, and dates)
1-1: Personal and missionary photographs – portraits (and ferrotype), ca. 1860
1-2 : Missionary photographs – reproductions, [199-]
1-3 : Missionary photographs – stereograph cards, 1863 – [191-]
1-4 : Missionary photographs – totem poles and artifacts, 1863 – [191-]
1-5 : Missionary photographs – photomechanical, 1863 – [191-]
2-1 : Personal and missionary photographs, 1863 – [191-]
2-2 : Missionary photographs – artifacts, 1863 – [191-]
2-3 : Missionary photographs – glad tidings, 1863 – [191-]
2-4 : Missionary photographs – Alaska, 1863 – [191-]
2-5 : Missionary photographs – Bella Bella, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-6 : Missionary photographs – Chilliwack, B.C. and Cultus Lake, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-7 : Missionary photographs – Hazelton, B.C. and Kispiox, B.C. ,1863 – [191-]
2-8 : Missionary photographs – Mission, B.C. and River Inlet, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-9 : Missionary photographs – Port Essington, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-10 : Missionary photographs – Port Simpson, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-11 : Missionary photographs – Vancouver Island, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-12 : Missionary photographs – Washington, USA, 1863 – [191-]
2-13 : Missionary photographs – Naas River, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-14 : Missionary photographs, 1863 – [191-]

Thomas Crosby

W. and M. Koerner Collection Purchases

Series consists of files related to purchases of items for the W. and M. Koerner Collection. The arrangements for these purchases were handled by Eugene Horvath, who acted as a sort of personal assistant for the Koerners' ceramics collection. Files contain documents and photographs related to purchases.

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