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Zuni Six-Storied Houses

Photograph of six-storied houses in Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. Some round house structures and some hildren are also visible in the foreground.

Zuni Nick

Photograph of a Zuni (A:shiwi) man that Maude has identified as Zuni Nick, an assistant to Mr. Graham, a Scotch trader with whom Maude stayed.

Zuni men making shell necklaces

Photograph depicts two Zuni (A:shiwi) men identified as Dick and his brother-in-law making shell necklaces. A note on the back of the photograph describes how Dick is using a Zuni drill and his brother-in-law is rubbing down the rough edges of the shell beads on a flat stone.

Zuni General View from S.W.

Photograph of what is likely the Zuni Pueblo taken from the S.W. The photograph shows low buildings on a hill, what appears to be a garden, and figures in the foreground.

Zuni from the N.E.

Photograph of what is likely the Zuni Pueblo taken from the N.E. The image depicts some low buildings and plazas.

Zuni Children

Photograph depicts three Zuni (A:shiwi) children, sitting on a wooden ladder, likely in the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico.


Photograph of what is likely Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico, showing what appear to be adobe structures.

Zoomorphic Bowl, Beaver

File consists of textual records and 5 photographs. Image of Stone Bowl. Zoomorphic Bowl, Beaver. Northwest Coast Indigenous. Back View. Black and White. 3 1/4" x 4 1/2" prints.

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