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Boys flying kites

Item is a photograph of several boys wearing traditional clothing flying kites. A western-style building appears in the background. Reads, "BOYS PLAYING KITES."

City street scene

Item is a photograph of a city street scene. Several people wearing traditional clothing and rickshaws appear. Notes read, "Osaka" but not indicated on plate.

Sailboat on lake

Item is a photograph of a sailboat on a lake. Reads, "A JAPANESE JUNK." Possibly by photographer Kimbei Kusakabe

Images of Hagwilget and Kitzegukla

Image is of two women in winter clothing standing in front of a large and intricate wooden native tomb in a cemetery, with tombs and bare trees in the background. The photograph bears the caption, "Mrs. G and I. The Indian Graves."

Tibetan building

Image depicts a large Tibetan building, possibly a temple or a monastery. Traditional Tibetan architectural features visible here include a structure with multiple windows to let in sunlight and a flat roof to preserve heat. These dwellings are often constructed with a combination of wood, rocks, cement, and earth. Several figures are seated in front of this dwelling near a row of drums.

Traditional Tibetian dancing

Image depicts several individuals dressed in regalia and performing what may be the Black Hat Dance. This dance is taking place in front of the building depicted in images a033048-a033049 and a033054-a033060.

Participants with headdresses

Photograph shows a close up of participants wearing a variety of what appear to be Haida headdresses and hats at the 1978 Bill Reid pole raising ceremony in Skidegate.

Preparing the pole to be raised

Photograph shows Bill Reid's pole for Skidegate propped up on a wooden structure and several people making preparations ahead of the pole raising ceremony.

Crowd on the beach at pole raising

Photograph shows a crowd gathered on the beach to witness Bill Reid's pole raising ceremony at Skidegate. The partially raised pole is visible in the centre of the image.


Photograph shows a crowd watching a procession of Haida men in button blankets, some wearing hats and headdresses, and two of whom are holding carved staffs at the ceremony for the raising of Bill Reid's pole in Skidegate. A rope to raise the pole is visible in the foreground at the feet of the group.

Preparing to raise the pole

Photograph shows several individuals preparing to raise Bill Reid's pole during a ceremony celebrating its raising at Skidegate.

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