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Fred Ryckman Inglés
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Kootenays [Typed & Handwritten transcipts]

File contains Ryckman's typed notes on the history of the Kootenay people and on some Kootenay stories. File also contains 3 handwritten pages (probably by Ryckman's daughter) with what are described as 14 "creeds" of the Kootenay people, translated by a Father De Smet (?) passed by a Father Patterson to Ryckman.

Fred Ryckman

Ledger Book [Original & Copies]

File contains a ledger book and photocopies of it. The ledger book was written by Fred Ryckman ca. 1920 and includes census information by location.

Fred Ryckman

Men on horseback crossing a river

Four men on horseback cross a river with four other horses carrying packs. At the river's distant shore trees and a tent-like structure are visible.

Fred Ryckman

Mountain view

View from an elevated site showing mountain tops. Snow-covered evergreens appear in the foreground.

Fred Ryckman


File contains contact sheets, negatives, and photocopies of 121 photographs taken by Fred Ryckman ca. 1920.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of a boy, rifle, and dog

A boy poses with his rifle while a dog (?) that looks like a fox rests on the ground in front of him. Trees and a fence visible in background.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of a man and trophy

A smiling man faces the camera with his hands touching a trophy. He wears western clothing, as do the two partially visible men on either side of him. They are posed in front of a wooden wall.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of a man in native dress

An older man wearing native dress stands in a grove of trees. On the bottom right corner of photograph is imprinted "Montgomery," perhaps the name of the photography studio.

Fred Ryckman

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