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Pole raising, Haida Gwaii

Image from a pole raising in Haida Gwaii. The pole was carved by Robert Davidson. In this image, the pole is in the process of being raised.

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Travel, research, museum, and personal photos taken by or pertaining to Anthony Shelton. Photos have been sorted into subfolders by place and date, with some further sorted by more specific locations. A list of these photographs is in progress.

Children in a carving class

Children in a carving class in what appears to be the Haida House at the Museum of Anthropology. The man teaching the class may be Doug Cranmer.

Children in outdoor program

Children participating in an outdoor program, or the outdoor component of a program. This was likely a program offered by the Museum of Anthropology.

Children feeling a mask

Children feeling a mask at the Museum of Anthropology. These children were likely from a group of visually impaired children that visited the museum in April 1977.

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