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Mountain view

View from an elevated site showing mountain tops. Snow-covered evergreens appear in the foreground.

Fred Ryckman

Group portrait of men in native clothing, view two

Seven men dressed in native clothing stand facing the camera. The men on each end are only partially visible. Trees or bushes and the roof of some kind of structure are visible behind the men. A younger man or boy peeks out from behind the line of older men.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of a smiling man in a hat

A smiling man faces the camera with his hands crossed in front of his chest. He wears western clothing, as do two other partially visible men on either side of him. They stand in front of a wooded wall.

Fred Ryckman

Group portrait of men in front of large building

A large group of men in western dress stand and sit posed in front of a large building that may be made of stucco. The man sitting front and centre holds a flag from British Columbia.

Fred Ryckman

Group portrait of individuals outside

This is a group portrait of many individuals standing outside. Some wear native dress; some appear on horseback; still others stand next to horses.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of individual on horseback

An individual, possibly a young man, in native dress sits astride a horse. Several other individuals on horseback are visible behind him.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of men, some on horseback

Nine men, some in native dress and others in western clothing, pose for the camera on horseback, standing, and kneeling. A building is visible copy right in the background.

Fred Ryckman

PACHEN [sic] Lama

Item is a photograph showing Thubten Chökyi Nyima, or the Panchan Lama, seated in front of his monastery in Shigatse. He is wearing robes and has an item placed in his lap.

Rajah Tering and family, at their home outside of Gyantse

Item is a photograph showing five people seated with other people in the background. The image depicts Rajah Terrng, the brother of the King of Tering, seated in the center and his family. From left to right is Rajah Tering's unidentified daughter, son Chigin, son Shimi and his unidentified wife. The two women on the ends are wearing head dresses.

Jongpen, Chumbie

Item shows an image of a man, the Jongpen, seated on a raised platform with a crowd of people standing around below him.

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