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George B. Stallworthy
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Family memorial tablet in Samoa

The file consists of correspondence, plans, and a photograph of a memorial tablet laid in 1909 in Samoa and commissioned by George B. Stallworthy (and wrought by his son William Wilson Stallworthy) to commemorate his parents and his nurse Eunite.

George B. Stallworthy

George B. Stallworthy Archives

The file reflects the work and life of George B. Stallworthy. It consists of a handwritten poem by George B. Stallworthy, printed hymns and congregational responses, reprinted copies of his resignation and obituary from the Farnham, Haslemere and Hindhead Herald, a copy of the sermon from his memorial service, a drawing gifted to him by his cousin Sarah Greenhalgh, and a drawing by his son William Wilson Stallworthy of the Mission House in Samoa where George B. Stallworthy was born.

Also includes a copy of the S.S.M. Old Boys' Association annual report from 1908-1909. Stallworthy was President of this association at this time. A newspaper clipping was tucked into this book, with a poem written by Stallworthy, "To Brother Chinaman."

George B. Stallworthy

Stallworthy Family fonds

  • 139
  • Fundo
  • 1856-1925

The fonds reflects the religious work and family history of Rev. George Stallworthy and his descendants. The fonds consists of correspondence and drawings related to the family's time in the South Pacific; 20 photographic portraits of family members; sermons, article reprints, and correspondence related to George Burnett Stallworthy's religious work and life; and a scrapbook containing memoranda, correspondence, photographs, clippings, pamphlets, genealogical research, and other ephemera from the Stallworthy family up to 1925.

The fonds is arranged into files based on the content and medium of the records.

Stallworthy Family