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Pigapicha! - Object lists and planning documents

File includes a letter of understanding, invitations to an academic symposia related to the exhibition, meeting minutes, and information about the photographs in the exhibition.

New Mexico

Includes images of petroglyphs in New Mexico as well as images of people relaxing indoors.

Classroom Rules for children and for teacher

List of classroom rules from the Morley Residential School, likely typed up by Telfer. There are rules for the children and for teachers. The document is typed on letterhead for "Indian Residential School, United Church of Canada, Rev. E.J. Staley, Principal, Morely, Alta."

The Owl Dance, the Lodge, and the Torture

Document describing the Owl Dance, a lodge, and a method of torture. The specific culture/place related to these descriptions is not clear. "Catlin" is written at the bottom, either as the author of the document or the source of the information.

Cardston [Residential School visit]

Document contains an account of a visit to Cardston, Alberta, likely to St. Paul's St. Paul's Anglican Residential School on the Blood reserve. The document was likely written by Telfer.

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