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Reverend Thomas Crosby fonds
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Reverend Thomas Crosby fonds

  • 96
  • Fundo
  • 1863 - [199-], predominantly 1863 - [191-]

The records in this fonds pertain to Rev. Crosby’s missionary activities and personal life in British Columbia, Canada. Personal life and missionary activity records include: photographs, bibles, hymns, scriptures, and one textile object.

Thomas Crosby

Personal and missionary photographs

Series consist of loose photographs, a newspaper clipping, photomechanical prints, and one photomechanical print album produced and collected throughout Rev. Crosby’s personal and missionary life, including portraits and group photographs of aboriginal individuals and/or missionaries, photographs of churches, schools, homes, hospitals, and other buildings, and aboriginal cultural and ceremonial objects (artifacts and curios). In addition, photographic events include carvings, church congregations, gathering of aboriginal children from residential schools, weddings, and funerals. Geographic locations depicted in the photographs include (but are not limited to): Chilliwack, Cultus Lake, Fort Essington, Fort Rupert, Fraser River, Greenville, Gold Harbour, Massett Village, Naas River, Port Simpson, River Inlet, Skidegate (Haida), Yale, and Vancouver Island (Nanaimo, Victoria) all in British Columbia; as well as, Whatcom County Washington, USA; Fort Wraugh, Alaska; Port Chester, Alaska; Montreal, Quebec; Norway; and Labrador. Series includes photographers and photograph studios such as Noah Shakespeare, Richard & Hanna Maynard, Carlo Gentile, J.G. Parks, Thos. E. Perkins, Geo Rirton, B.F. Howland & Co., J.M. Jacobsen, Wadds Bros., N. Caple & Co., Hugill, R.Z. Tashiro, Butcher & Co., Brooks, Skene Lowe, Nathan Joseph & Co., and S.A. Spencer. Photographers Carlo Gentile (whose Victoria studio was purchased by Noah Shakespeare) and Frederick Dally (whose negatives were partly acquired by Richard & Hanna Maynard) may also be included but unidentified. Series includes photomechanical prints, albumen prints, cabinet cards, carte-de-visites, gelatin printing-out papers, gelatin developing-out papers, a ferrotype, stereograph prints, and other unidentified print types.

FILE LIST: (with box-folder number, title, and dates)
1-1: Personal and missionary photographs – portraits (and ferrotype), ca. 1860
1-2 : Missionary photographs – reproductions, [199-]
1-3 : Missionary photographs – stereograph cards, 1863 – [191-]
1-4 : Missionary photographs – totem poles and artifacts, 1863 – [191-]
1-5 : Missionary photographs – photomechanical, 1863 – [191-]
2-1 : Personal and missionary photographs, 1863 – [191-]
2-2 : Missionary photographs – artifacts, 1863 – [191-]
2-3 : Missionary photographs – glad tidings, 1863 – [191-]
2-4 : Missionary photographs – Alaska, 1863 – [191-]
2-5 : Missionary photographs – Bella Bella, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-6 : Missionary photographs – Chilliwack, B.C. and Cultus Lake, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-7 : Missionary photographs – Hazelton, B.C. and Kispiox, B.C. ,1863 – [191-]
2-8 : Missionary photographs – Mission, B.C. and River Inlet, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-9 : Missionary photographs – Port Essington, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-10 : Missionary photographs – Port Simpson, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-11 : Missionary photographs – Vancouver Island, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-12 : Missionary photographs – Washington, USA, 1863 – [191-]
2-13 : Missionary photographs – Naas River, B.C., 1863 – [191-]
2-14 : Missionary photographs, 1863 – [191-]

Thomas Crosby

Portrait of boy

Image is a head and shoulders portrait of a boy. Photographer information printed on verso with the inscription "Geo. Kirton, Photographer, Woodstock, ONT. Rooms on Ground Floor, opp. the Market".

Portrait of girl

Image is a head and shoulders portrait of a girl. Printed on verso is photographer information which reads "S. A. Spencer, Photographer, FORT STREET, Victoria, B. C." An additional inscription in pencil reads "Martha".

[Portrait of] Sarah Shee-at-ston

Image is a portrait of a woman wearing a dress and posed with what appears to be furs. Printed on the verso is the photographer information which reads: "S. A. Spencer, Photographer, Victoria B. C." Additional handwritten inscriptions on the verso read "1002", "no. 23", "Sarah A[?]".

Portrait of girl and boy

Image is a posed portrait of a seated older girl and younger boy standing on a footstool holding hands. The girl and boy are dressed formally. It appears to be an albumen print on a carte de visite. Photographer information printed on verso with the inscription "S. A. Spencer, FORT STREET, Victoria, B. C." A handwritten inscription reads "[illegible] Reid + boy"

Portrait of man holding his hat

Image is a posed portrait of a man leaning on a bannister in formal clothes, holding his hat in front of a studio painted background depicting what appears to be a column and an urn with a floral arrangement. Photographer information printed underneath image reads "B. F. Howland, Artist." Inscription printed on verso reads "B. F. HOWLAND & CO. PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY 25 & 27 Third St. East Side Near Market SAN FRANSISCO, CAL." An additional printed inscription reads "The Negative from which this Picture is made will be preserved; any quantity of copies can be had by leaving your order at the above Gallery. Cartes de Visite $ 3 per doz. Vignettes $ 4.00 per doz. Duplicates $ 2.00 per doz." Printed prices appear to have been over written by hand in ink.

Portrait of man in coat

Image is a posed portrait of a man in a coat with his hands folded in front of him. The man is posed in front of a wall. Handwritten inscription on verso reads "Sawyers M?"

Portrait of Crosby seated with another man

Image is a posed portrait of Reverend Thomas Crosby seated facing another man. Crosby is holding a book open in one hand and gesturing with the other. Verso contains handwritten inscriptions: "no. 6", "Crosby + old ?"

Portrait of man posed with table with a floral tablecloth

Image is a portrait of a man dressed formally and posed next to a table with a floral tablecloth. Verso contains the following handwritten inscriptions. "enlarge e2893 head + shoulders only and 1 3/8 X 2 # 150 Ba?", "His first or babys name. This was second name or last name given by his people" are inscribed in pencil. Inscribed overtop in pen is "Satana Sallasel?" Inscribed in blue coloured pencil is a circled number "29".

Portrait of a man posed with a table

Image is a portrait of a man posed with a table. Behind him is what appears to be a studio painted background of a hearth and mirror. On the verso are the following inscriptions: in pen is inscribed "no. 22", "D Sallase?" and in pencil "23768", "73708".

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