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Doug Cranmer
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Working on a canoe

Image depicts Douglas Cranmer working on a canoe. The canoe is partially filled with water.

Frog mask carving

Image depicts a completed mask. The figure, a frog, has a green and white face with red nose and lips with twined cedar bark for hair.

Frog mask from left side

Image depicts a side view of a completed frog mask. The head is green and black, with white used to highlight eyes and red for nose and mouth. The hair may be composed of braided cedar fibrers.

Two wood carvings, view three

Image depicts two rectangular wooden panels carved with a variety of figures and crests. Central to both carvings is a figure with large ovoid eyes. This view shows the top carving littered with what looks to be sawdust. These may be the McMichael lintels.

Wood relief carving

Image depicts a wood relief carving that depicts several figures and crests. The central figure is a seated human. Notes indicate this carving may be from Bella Bella. Additional notes say, "shutter 15 aperature 2.8"

Head carving

Image depicts a cedar carving of a head. The photo depicts the right side of the carving.

Cod mask

Image depicts a frontal view of a cod fish mask. The mask features a very prominent red tongue.

Sun mask

Image depicts a frontal view of a sun mask.

Red Border Eye Design

Image depicts a painting with five crests--four resemble bird heads and surround a centre figure that resembles some kind of mammal. The black on white painting is matted with a red border. Slide notes say, "Sh 60 Ap 5-6"

Mink and clouds

Image depicts a painting of a mink and clouds, created by Douglas Cranmer in 1965. Additional notes say, "Sh 50 Ap. 2.8"

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