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B.C. Indian Language project

File consists of photographs taken for the B.C. Indian Language Project in Victoria, B.C. Jensen was asked to film Charlie Mack steaming a canoe on the Birkenhead River near Mt. Currie. While Jensen was filming, Dorothy Kennedy took large format negative coverage of the event. The file also includes photographs of Cora and Danny Wells' fish camp at the head of Lillooet Lake.

Salish linguistic conference

File consists of photographs taken during the annual Salish Language Conference, held in this case on the OMAC reserve in Washington sate. Many of the photographs are of a Mrs. Smith giving a traditional food deomonstration. Also included are images of pow wow style dancing.

Robert Davidson pole raising

File consists of photographs taken during a trip to the Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands) for a pole raising by Robert Davidson. Whilst there, Dr. George MacDonald took Jensen and Powell on a side trip to an old village site.

Historical photographs

File consists of photographs of historical photographs of various First Nations villages and people in British Columbia, including a number of scenes from Alert Bay. The images are possibly from the Vancouver Public Library or the Vancouver Archives.

National Museum of Copenhagen

File consists of photographs taken for Andrea Laforet of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. In 1986 Jensen and Powell spent have a year's sabbatical in Denmark, and Laforet asked Jensen to photograph objects that had been part of an exchange in 1928 with the National Museum fo Canada and the Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen. In addition to the objects requested by Laforet, Jensen photographed objects that she felt Norman Tait would be interested in seeing. Jensen worked closely with Beret Due at the museum in Copenhagen.

Nuxalk potlatch

File consists of photographs of a memorial potlatch hosted by hereditary chief Laurence and Amelia Poutlas at Bella Coola. Jensen was asked to photograph the event by Andrea Laforet for the Canadian Museum of Civilisation, as the museum had been involved in research for the potlatch, which was the first to be held in the area in a long time.

Haida steambent box

File consists of photographs of a Haida steambent box. Jensen was storing the box of behalf of Seattle gallery owner Mardonna McKillop while she was securing permission to bring it into the USA. In 2005 Jensen photographed it for Andrea Laforet of the Canadian Museum of Civilisation in order to gather information about it.

Northwest Coast groups

Series consists of photographs documenting events in various communities throughout British Columbia and Washington State. These include community photographs in Mt. Currie; the Salish Linguistic Conference in Oman, Washington State; a Robert Davidson Pole Raising; coverage of NWC artifacts at the National Museum of Copenhagen in Denmark; coverage of 1992 Nuxalk Potlatch at Bella Coola for Canadian Museum of Civilization; and photographs of a Haida bentwood box.

Between working on language and education projects, Jensen was often hired by communities to document important events, such as pole-raisings, conferences and potlatches. This series consists of the photographs taken at those events.

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